Fantastic apps, fantastic times! June 10th, 2010

By Hank Lee
Manager, Overseas Communication Team
Kia Motors Corporation

It seems that everywhere I look, another person has a smart phone. Being a bit of a late adaptor of these types of technology, I’m still waiting for the next generation of smart phones that will be able to do a little extra for… kind of like these new Soul apps seen here!

Well, okay… maybe those apps aren’t real but I do like the idea of having apps for the real world. The whole concept of creating this video came up a few months ago, when we were developing ideas to help grow the enthusiasm for the FIFA World CupTM, that starts this Friday!

Since Kia is an official automotive sponsor, we wanted to tie it in with the tournament and our halo car, the Kia Soul. It was important to keep it fun, light and football related, so we worked with our agencies who developed three ideas. After some studies of which ones would work best, it was almost unanimous that we should go with the Soul smart phone applications film.

From there, it was time to really develop the types of apps that would be showcased in the film that could appeal to the young-at-heart around the world. We got to have some real fun with it! Hopefully, you think that you can add a little fun to your day with the new Kia Soul apps video!

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