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Features that enhance the Forte (Cerato) Koup experience! July 30th, 2009

John ShimBy John Shim, Assistant Manager
Research & Development Planning Team

In my last post, I introduced the walk-in memory system that makes for easier entry and egress of rear seat passengers; along with the sport bucket seat contoured to the body for added comfort and support.

Well, the Forte Koup comes with some additional features that give it its upscale appeal as a class-leading coupe.

The Forte Koup comes equipped with a lighting speaker system for speakers that glow and pulsate to the music beat. The speakers change their brightness according to the music’s volume, tone and beat. This allows you to enjoy a concert-like atmosphere right inside your car.

Koup's lighting speaker
This system was first introduced in Kia’s line-up with the Soul to rave reviews. We have now seen this technology advance and the lighting system for the Forte Koup is slightly different.

A ring-shaped light now surrounds the speaker grille. Contrary to the previous method which had lights installed within the speaker, the new system applies lights along the outside of the speaker. The change makes for a more visually striking and complementary lighting system.

The speakers enhance the aesthetic appeal of the Forte Koup with its red dashboard and door trim leather. Our young engineers came up with the idea of applying LED to the outside of the speaker grille for a more arresting impact. The creativity of our R&D team is always a source of inspiration at Kia.

Koup's lighting speaker_1
There are four modes ? On, Music, Mood and Off. The functions of the On and Off modes are fairly obvious! In the Music mode, the LED changes in intensity according to the music genre and personality. As for Mood, the light dims and brightens repeatedly in two-second intervals. Each mode also has five adjustment levels for the brightness of the LED.

In addition to the speakers in Forte, the car also has the rear parking assistance system (RPAS) available. The RPAS alerts drivers to the exact location and direction of obstacles at the rear of the vehicle through graphics on the gauge cluster.

By showing the direction and proximity to obstacles in visual form in addition to its audio warning, drivers are better guided to safely and quickly park their vehicles. To prevent errors in the warning system, the RPAS comes equipped with four black sensors integrated in the casing. Even parallel parking is a cinch with this feature!

The sensors were also lowered from the bumper cover to the bumper center cover to blend in more seamlessly with the bumper design for a sleeker finish.

Koup's rear sensor
The third feature of the Koup is its frameless doors that give it an elegant, but sporty, appearance. They offer slim, dynamic window styling and a greater sense of openness than their framed counterparts.

Koup's rear shot
The Koup’s frameless doors are a first among economical compact sporty coupes and offer a more premium and sporty image.

Koup's frameless door
Despite their stylistic advantage, frameless doors come with their own set of challenges, mainly how to reduce wind noise when driving at high speeds and keeping out water during rainy weather.

Through numerous tests and improvements, the Forte Koup door design team managed to come up with the optimal specifications: 5mm (regular sedans use 3.5mm) glass thickness, a two-layer sealing structure all around the door to solve both problems of wind noise and water leaks.

So today we examined the Forte Koup’s lighting speaker system, rear parking assistance system and frameless doors. Curious about what we’ll cover in the next posting? I promise we won’t disappoint. Until then, take care!

  • Joe

    In the United States, when will we get the automatic temperature control, navigation, and rear parking assist in the Koup? Or will you carelessly and FOOLISHLY leave out those features, like you did on the sedan. We have already lost so much interest in the Forte because there is no navigation system! Standard features are one thing, but to make a car REALLY competitive, you have to offer available features too! The Forte is GREAT at offering standard features, it does a beautiful job of that, and really commend Kia for that!! But, you guys are missing out on a whole another market, the people who want a compact car with EXTRA features! I am not asking you to offer Lexus-like features, but come on, why stop at the leather seats? Take the risk, go there, offer premium features! Power seats, navigation, auto temperature control, Infinity sound, rear parking assist, smart key! I don’t know about anyone else, but we aren’t going to buy a Forte without those! The Forte LOOKS so up-class, but Kia is ignoring the up-class buyers. The looks draw in, but Kia doesn’t deliver. I hope you have fixed that with the Koup. Oh, and in the USA, will we get the red interior?

  • Greg

    I totally agree with Joe. What were you thinking!? My mom just LOVES the Forte’s design, and wants one sooo bad, but is not willing to give up some of the features she has on her Optima to get it. Our dealership has seen a few lost Forte sales because the Forte has looks that bring people in, but not the features to deliver. It is very frustrating to salesmen. Just because it is a compact car doesn’t mean you can’t offer features. I have seen many, many complaints, even on this blog!

  • sam

    totally disagree most teenagers and college students have this car more guys in the koup then in the sedan. if i go and buy a lancer or corolla and or mazda 3 for the already options standard features on the kia forte it will cost 2 to 4 grand more for any other sedan out there on the market right now. no other car gives you BAS tcs ebd usb and aux, 2 12v outlets and even SAT radio standard is unheard of for a basic model and bluetooth handsfree and all hand controls. where else can you get a sedan half of that and thats not all the options i listed for even under $20000 NEW??????????????????

  • Great post. Thanks for the info

  • Khoobiary

    does the base model come with this LED feature around the speakers?

  • Diegomauricio9304

    i wanna know why the koup version that is selling in colombia (south america) doesnt have the same interior of you web site page, here in colombia we doesnt have that red interior and the sound beat speakers