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Finding colors that appeal to customers’ emotions June 11th, 2010

By Kia Color Team

The colors that highlight the individuality of Sportage were not born overnight. To find hues that would satisfy global customers, designers held countless meetings to create color packs tailored for each region. Their tireless efforts helped produce a character color unique to Sportage that would appeal to drivers’ emotions. The focus of the entire process was to create a character color that would enhance the all-new Sportage’s profile as a sedan-type CUV for the city, in addition to differentiating it from previous Sportage colors.

Regional preferences were another important consideration to satisfy the different tastes of global consumers. This led to designers from each region working closely with each other to create special packages of color packs. The package for Sportage was created under the concept of fulfilling the needs of a young man in his 30s who enjoys the outdoors and has a progressive sense of style. This description of the target customer guided related work to produce consistency in concept along with differentiation in emotional appeal. In the end, orange was developed into the character color of the Sportage. The understated way that orange demands attention was translated to the exterior and interior of the vehicle to produce the unique character color of Sportage. Orange is a color that is less aggressive than red, is equally appealing to both men and women, and denotes energy. To express stylish sportiness, orange was used as a point color on the steering wheel, shift knob, and mat while black headlining provided a sophisticated sense of unity.

Techno orange was also used as an exterior color to produce color harmony both in and outside the car. Heating row embossing was applied to the seat material in an example of new technologies and new materials, while a high luminance metal color was used for the door center trim, replacing the previous method of wrapping material or plastic injection molding.

The metal color added an original and high-tech finish to the styling. To accentuate the Sportage’s dynamic and refined exterior, a high luminance silver metal was used on the radiator grille and beltline molding. The combination of diverse colors and trim elements formed the core of our work to create a distinguishing look for the sedan-type CUV.

  • JG

    I hope this color makes it over to USA with the same interior seen here.

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  • JJ

    Let me guess, Canada gets the shaft again because us Canadians are too bland HAHA
    For some reason Canada NEVER gets the selection that the states gets..

  • Soloman

    @ JJ
    You are saying CANADA doesn’t get the options? The US doesn’t get the options! I have lost a good number of Forte sales because of lack of options. I had one couple wanting to trade their Acura TL for a Forte. The Forte didn’t have premium sound, auto temperature control or power seats. They ended up not buying the Forte. I lost a couple of sales due to that WORTHLESS, outdated 4 speed auto in the EX models. I have lost a couple of Soul sales to the crappy gas mileage out of that dinosaur 2.0L and 4 speed. The 2.4L, 1k lb heavier SORENTO gets better gas mileage than the Soul.Can Colin or someone else give me a STRAGHT answer on what Kia is doing about this? Not some generic, cold, corporate answer – I want some details. I love the brand, but I can’t afford to be losing sales to poor product planning.

  • The interior of the SUV looks sporty especially the seats.

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  • Soloman

    I am still looking for an answer to my above question. Pamela? Colin? Someone?

  • Colin

    @ Soloman
    We are very sorry for late response to your question.
    To give more detailed info regarding your question, we will discuss this with Product Planning Team and give you the right answer.

    By the way, Forte will have a 6-speed T/M soon.

  • Soloman

    Thank you. I appreciate the response. I do apologize for my previous outburst, but you also have to understand my enormous frustration. Losing a sale because of something I can’t control (features list) means less food and clothing for my family. I am extremely excited to see a Forte with 6 speed A/T.

  • anita

    If the orange is the signature color, why are there none of them at any of the dealerships.

  • Jimmyoceans

    ‘drive” my vehicle rather than sit lifelessly.” the bottom line. I cannot see why I should be stuck with a off to another car manufacturer . . . or another Xtera/ The local dealers have absolutely no idea what will be offered or what IS now offered. They want to sell what is on the lot; that’s the bottom line.

  • Jimmyoceans

    Somehow my question was chopped apart. I am looking to purchase a Sportage SE with a 6-speed MT, rather than a lazy automatic. What models WILL be available with stick shifts . . . or are we to be shiftless Americans!?!

  • mtn_bob

    OK, so you appeal to my emotions, but then frustrate me by saying “Oh that color isn’t available for the model you want” Well, thanks.

  • Colin

    Hello mtn_bob,

    Sorry for your frustration. We will get back to you soon with an answer from Kia Motors America.

  • Fuadservice

    wah SUV idaman ni kalau harga nya terjangkau  I want to buy

  • Butefree

    I am orange phobic ( its a childhood thing – child of the 60’s…orange and lime green  UGH )

  • daryl thomassen

    i like dark green