First images of All-new Kia Sportage! February 3rd, 2010

Please click on this link(Click here: All-new Sportage) to download high-resolution images

  • Jerry M. Tanilon

    The all new 2011 Kia Sportage looks great. I’ve just purchased a brand new 2010/09 Sportage last January 18, 2010 in Cebu City Philippines. I actually asked the dealer and its representatives several times if a newer model is coming up but didn’t say so. But I was surprised to find out that almost all Kia dealers in Manila are launching it on March 2010. Of course, I want the newest model. I just don’t know how to go around and avail of it. Also, it is unfair for them not to tell consumers like me this kind of information.

  • Alex_Ukraine

    Nice car! It would be next my car. Does anybody know when will sales begin?

  • Max

    With the right price tag it’s gonna be a killer SUV :)

  • haleewood

    really? running LEDs like AUdi? cmon KIA why are yall goin this route????

    If you want some headlamp treatments please contact me.

  • RP

    Great looking car – what size engines will it come with?

    When will it be launched in New Zealand?

  • himi

    Wonderful vehicle! This must be the best looking Kia ever.

    I was looking at those two reaser shots and was wondering if a production model will be equipped with those hot looking alloy wheels?

  • JG

    Great job Kia! This is an amazing looking vehicle- one of the best in the business.

  • wow. wow…. wow. i REALLY like it. good job! One request… there’s NO SUVs out there in the USA (@ least that i can recall, other than the wrangler, which is irrelevant) that are affordable rugged little trucks, like the Suzuki Samurai back in the day. or even the original Sportage… Slap a tire on the back of this, beef up the suspension a little bit, maybe a stylish lower-brush-guard, AWD, & some underbody protection and a low sticker price and voila!

  • david mckee

    Will australia be getting the north america spec or the europe spec very nice vehicle. Also kia needs to do a lot more advertising in australia aspecially in regonal areas [country towns] people on the land. Well done with the new sportage .

  • Patrick

    Jerry, I know how bad it feels but in all honesty you should have done your research and why would you ever trust the word of a dealership employee? They are there to sell whatever they’ve got on the lot and not what might be available in a few months. Sorry if that sounds harsh but that’s really your own fault. Spy shots of this model have been in circulation for a long time so the only person to blame is yourself.

  • jtz

    Hey Kia for the U.S. advertising, I know it’s expensive and all but I want to see a commercial advertised with performance and not just focusing on features for a lot less. You know like the Sorento PR film and the K7 movie. Something like that.

  • Jerry

    Patrick, I actually surfed all the websites and I’ve seen the spy shots. But some it also said that the new model will be launched still on the 3rd or last quarter of 2010. So, blaming it all on me is not quite acceptable. Well, I think what I would do now is to sell my Sportage and buy the all-new Sorento instead. Thanks for your views though.

  • Henk

    I have read that the Sportage will we longer, lower and wider. I just hope lower do not mean lower ground clearance than the existing model. Do any one know??

    I drive a Sportage but it is time to sell it and I must decide on a second hand Freelander II or must I wait for the new Sporage??