First Venga Images August 17th, 2009

By Michael Choo
Deputy General Manager, Overseas Communication Team

Kia Motors today released the very first official images of the all-new Venga B-segment MPV for Europe, which will make its world premiere next month at the Frankfurt Motor Show.

Please click on the thumbnails below to download high resolution images.

  • Boris

    Is this only for europe? I would like to see this as a rio replacement worldwide. Or maybe there’s something better in development?

  • Congrats from Kia-World crew! This is another new striking Kia car! It looks wonderful! Best of luck with it! Hope it sells well!

  • Colin

    Hi Boris,

    Yes, you are right. Our current plan is that Venga will be sold in only Europe.
    We have another plan for the next model of Rio.
    Please wait until then. : )

  • Venga could be a great addition in the US that could compete directly with Honda Fit; provided that Venga has enough interior functionality and utility like the Fit but at a few thousand bucks less. It could be a huge hit. I personally don’t care for those panorama sunroofs. It’s nice as a concept but it’s annoying most of the times. If I want that much light inside, I’d rather drive a convertible.

  • Arnold

    Will the Venga also becomes a full map (color) navi-system build inside?
    I hope so!

    Thanx for your answer!

  • Andy

    A very attractive car – just what we will be looking for next year. But will there be a ‘warm’ version? Far too many cars now are fitted with weedy power units.

  • HyundaiSmoke

    The No.2 concept (Next Gen Rio) will be smaller than the current Gen Rio, the size of the Hyundai i20, from what I understand it to be. If it is the size of the Hyundai i20 that would be too small for America, as the Hyundai i20 is 3 inches shorter than the Accent Hatchback. It would be a very bad idea for you guys to bring over something that small for a Rio.

    The Venga is a little bit shorter than the Rio, but it is taller than the Rio. The volume and interior room would be good for American Tastes. If you guys dont consider this at least as a possible Rio 5 or Accent, then you guys are idiots and you havent truly become “the New Hyundai-KIA Motors.” In that case, you might lose a faithful customer like myself as well.

    Dont even tell me you guys plan on selling another shruken down clown car sedan in the form of Rios and Accents in America again? Sedans are the most stupid utilization of space in a B-segment platforms. A waste of sheet metal if I say so.

    Why is it that I can sit 2 6+ footers back to back in a Hyundai Accent Hatch, but I cant do the same in Rio or Accent Sedans or current Rio 5 as well, becuase the rear leg room is unfit for American habitation, and more suitable for American 5 year olds. The rear head room is fair at best for someone 6ft tall + as well. The Venga would have solved those problems.

    I love the Hyundai-KIA B segment platform’s potential, you guys just dont use it to its full potential. What a shame too, becuase Hyundai could make a beter car than The Audi A2 and you guys at KIA can make a better car than a Honda Fit and for a value.

    Guys will you just consider the upcoming Hyundai i20 MPV and Venga as Accent and Rio purchasing options for the US Market, Please? You can keep the shapes and Americanize them, and chage the interiors to fit the American lineups as well.

    Also, can you please have leather in the B-Segments in America available?

  • HyundaiSmoke

    Soon you guys are going to get left behind and be the only company selling B-segment sedans in America. The Competition is wising up to Hatch utility. Pay attention becuase your competition in America from MINI to Toyota and soon Audi is now offering or will be offering B segment hatches with premium features, and you guys are still selling clown car sedans here.

    The Rio needs to be cheaper than the Accent as well. The Rio should have a basic 3 door priced at about $9900 for the base. Make the Rio a $10,000 Honda Fit The Accent has to be the more expensive B Segment car since Hyundai is going to be the more expensive make out of the 2 of you guys. Make the Accent a $13,000 Audi A2 or Mercedes A Class.

    If you do a sedan it should be special order only (For the old People who buy your sedans), and focus on 3 and 5 door hatches. The Forte should be the Focal point of the KIA Small Sedans, and the Elantra should be the focal point of the Hyundai small sedans. The Accent should the the Focal point of Hyundai Hatchbacks, the Rio should be the Focal point of KIA Hatchbacks, in terms of marketing.

  • HyundaiSmoke

    Plus, if I really wanted a sedan, Id get a used Amanti, or Azera as big sedans offer more utility.

  • HyundaiSmoke

    I love the Audi A2, if you guys dont get it together, the Germans will get my dollar when it comes to America. My Accent is a good car, but a good car to beat up and tune on for 5 years.

    I want something thats small that gets 43-50 MPG, that I can beat up on and is tunable with the utility and space of a 5 door hatch, has enough pep to be a force on the American Interstate system and the race track a class leader among B-Segment cars, that I can keep for 10 years as my daily driver and not have to worry unless gas hits $6.00 a gallon, with leather options and is able to install HID lights without a hitch, with nice alloys as well.

  • HyundaiSmoke

    We also need a Rio and an Accent with a 13-14 gallon Tank, and a Hybrid Option as well.

  • Dimiter

    Looks very good. Looking forward to it. Is it something like a replacement of the Picanto or is it a new model. Can’t wait to see it in production