Flexing some muscle in Azerbaijan June 11th, 2008

By Pamela Muñoz
International PR Assistant Manager

Kia Motors is highly involved in sports marketing all around the world in line with its ‘Young and Enabling’ corporate image.  Local initiatives range from supporting community sports teams to national teams; while our other global initiatives you might be more familiar with.  Kia Motors Azerbaijan decided to flex some of its muscle and support some local athletes by sponsoring an Arm Wrestling Tournament earlier this year over the course of three months.

Arm wrestling tournament

The Arm Wrestling Tournaments were televised every Sunday in Azerbaijan and had 10 arm-wrestling giants… er… athletes vying for their chance to win keys to their very own Kia Cerato – a fine-looking car they could undoubtedly benchpress together (or single handedly).  The tournament began in the middle of February and carried through into May.  With the Kia Motors logo prominantly displayed across broad shouldered t-shirts and billboards, it certainly was an eye-catching sponsorship opportunity for the brand.

Arm wrestling action

The winner of the tournament was two-time world champion, Zurab Bahtiyarov who confessed that his Cerato is one is his most prized posessions.  He accepted the keys from Kia Motors Azerbaijan president, Faiq Safarov on the last night of the competition with a hearty handshake that left Mr. Safarov second-guessing why he opted for a televised congratulatory ceremony.  Not to worry, though, it was just a minor squeeze and his hand will be out of that cast in no time!

Mr. Safarov and Zurab Bahtiyarov

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