Forte (Cerato) 5door launched! September 3rd, 2010

Hello bloggers! It has been long time since my last post. Here are some photos of Forte (known as Cerato in some regions) hatchback, recently launched at the Domestic Sales & Marketing headquarter office building in Seoul, Korea. 2011 model year Forte series (sedan, coupe and hatchback) will be equipped with 6-speed Auto transmission & manual transmission and paddle shifter to enhance the joy of riding. We will soon be introducing a behind story of Forte hatchback launching ceremony in Korea, as well as an interview with the product manager of Forte (Cerato) hatchback. Stay tuned!

  • I love it,succesful car.

  • jtz

    So what does the interior of the Forte 5 door look like? I never saw it. I gotta asume it looks like the sedan and koup.

  • we are waiting Kia Cerato four door 1.6 diesel version

  • Colin


    Yes, you are right. Forte 5 door has the same interior design. But there might be some difference between 2010 model year and 2011 model year. We will soon introduce those differences with a post. :-)

  • jtz

    Oh cool the Forte is getting a new interior. So far the best Kia with the best interior is the K7’s. I’m very impressed with that dashborad and sound system. Hey Colin when is the K7 or Cadenza arriving to the States anyway? I’m sure you guys have somthing up your sleeve with in 2011 between the Rio and Forte. I can tell.

  • mkc

    I really need to know when the 2011 kia forte’s will be out, I need a new car and dont know if i should get the 2011 or get a 2010 because im sure it will be much cheaper, but i know that the 2011 will have some much needed upgrades.

  • Paul

    Will there be a Cerato wagon or a deisel rondo 7 for Australia

  • russell

    can someone tell me when the Cerato hatchback is arriving in Australia as I wish to buy one…and need more details…for e.g. engine…gears…colors…etc…

  • Colin

    @ Russell

    Thanks for your question and interest in Kia. The Kia Cerato (Forte) 5-door will launch later this year in Australia. You will undoubtedly hear more about it for the Australian Motor Show and can get additional information from the website after October 15th.

    (form Kia Motors Australia PR team)

    Hope this reply satisfies you.

  • We just got our first 5 door, in black, and it is SWEET! Love the sporty look from the back! :)