Forte hatchback launch with and SNS September 9th, 2010

Comments about Forte (Cerato in some regions) were continually popping up on a friend’s page. I figured that maybe they were tweets. Out of curiosity, I followed the link which took me to the live broadcast for SNS users of the Forte hatchback launch for Korea’s domestic market. It was the first time I saw a Twitter live broadcast of a launch event — I was dazzled!

The Forte hatchback launch made use of social media, which has recently come under the limelight. Thirty social media leaders were invited to the event to introduce them to the new car. The launch also featured a Twitter event. This was entirely broadcast in real-time to social media users in Korea. The users were able to post messages congratulating the launch. They could also ask questions and get back answers from the personnel in charge via Twitter.

What you see above is the main page of the Forte GDI social media launch. The scene was captured, so there are no moving images. But as the saying goes, a picture is worth a thousand words ( The launch event was broadcast live from this venue. Now, you can view the recording.

The pictures above show how questions about the Forte hatchback were asked and then answered by the staff in charge.

Next is a view of the event venue. Korean celebrity Twitterian Kyeong-seok Seoh and well-known Twitter beauty Mi-jeong Kim emceed the event. They were joined by 30 social media leaders.

As the show kicked off, social media leaders posted news of the launch on Twitter, me2day (Korean text message-based blog similar to Twitter) and Facebook. Traffic to the site increased as the broadcast continued.

Simple explanations on Forte GDI (only available in Korean market) and hatchback were given to the many social media users who gathered on the site, and questions posted during the live broadcast were answered on the spot.

There were some interesting happenings. One question raised by Twitter users was, “How big is the trunk of Forte hatchback?” In response, two burly men at the event effortlessly slipped into the car’s trunk.

The launch event was held on Kia Motors premises in Apgujeong-dong in Seoul, Korea. Early in the broadcast, the emcees invited people near the event venue to come by, saying a KRW100,000 gift certificate would be presented to the two people who arrived first. Less than 10 minutes later, a Twitterian shopping at a nearby department store rushed into the venue. The launch event via Twitter was proving to be a success.

The event included exciting performances and a display of the full line-up of the 2011 model year Forte (sedan, hatchback & coupe). Below are various photos of the event.

As the show neared the end, the person in charge of the launch came out with some pleasing news; there were some problems with accessing the site due to the large number of visitors.

To check on the response to the social media launch event, I conducted my own search on Twitter. I found many Tweets and postings saying the event was fun and original.

As a marketer at Kia Motors who is always looking for new ideas, I am hard at work trying to come up with the next move that will take the world by surprise. Let’s go, Kia Motors!

  • Greg

    Pretty sure its “SMS” not “SNS. That is, if you are talking about text messages.

  • It was great article(?)
    I don’t understand exactly because of my english skill
    but it seems great to me!

  • KIA was a great car as I knew…

  • Derrick G

    No, he’s talking about Social Network Service (Twitter, Facebook, etc.)

  • Greg

    Am anxiously awaiting Forte Hatchback’s arrival in the U.S. From the pictures it seems like an attractive, sensibly styled vehicle. If the mechanical quality is good, it will sell in great numbers.

    Here in the U.S. reliability is the keyword for many drivers. For most of us the vehicles must be able to travel long distances on trips without dangerous or disruptive mechanical failures. Constant improvement in quality will ensure a repeat customer, lower warranty costs and provide a bright future for Kia Motors.