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From the Green Zone at Paris! October 2nd, 2008

By Pamela Muñoz
International PR Assistant Manager

In addition to the Kia Soul launch, Kia is featuring some new green concepts at the Paris Motor Show.  Here is a video taken about these four vehicles on display in line with Kia’s global eco-friendly initiatives.  Michael Choo gives us a sneak peek of the cee’d ISG, Soul and cee’d hybrids, and the Sportage FCEV directly from the Kia stand in Paris.


  • Geoff

    Interesting video, thanks Pamela for posting it. I want one of these Kias now!

  • Pamela Munoz (a Canadian in Korea)

    I’m glad you enjoyed it… they do look pretty fantastic!!

  • Et bah ! l

  • Very mind-blowing information. I think im gonna stick around and read about 9 more of your posts. Kind Regards