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Fun lighting technology of Soul October 9th, 2008

By John Shim
Research & Development Planning Team

Hello everyone. I’m John Shim of the R&D Planning Team. This is my first posting on Kia Buzz.

Kia unveiled the production version of Soul at the Paris Motor Show last week. I’m sure many of you have already read about Soul on Kia Buzz. With its stylish design, Soul makes a unique statement that puts it in a class of its own. I’m sure people who’ve seen the car will agree. At first, even I was confused by Soul’s design. I asked myself if it was an SUV or a sedan or something else.

Along with its unique character, Soul boasts a host of fun new technologies. I will talk about one of those technologies today. What you’ve heard about Soul so far is just the tip of the iceberg!

Let’s take a look at Sound volume reflecting speaker lamp. This is a unique item in Soul. When you play music, the light in the front speaker changes depending on the music.

You say you’ve seen that already in another car? Well, this is totally different from other speaker lamps out there. Light is emitted from the speaker perimeter in other cars. In contrast, light is emitted from inside the speaker in Soul and it reacts sensitively to the rich and moving sound from Soul’s 8-speaker system including the powerful center speaker. The result is an ideal harmony of light and sound. You’ll feel like you’re at a party or a concert.

Speaker lamps

The speaker lamp offers four lighting modes (On, Music, Mood, Off). The light will stay on if you choose ‘On’ mode. Under ‘Music’ mode, brightness will change to reflect the music volume, base tone and beat. ‘Mood’ mode sees the speaker light brighten and dim back and forth at 2-second intervals. If you want to just listen to music, then switch to ‘Off’ mode.

There are five levels of brightness. How about opting for bright light for strong drum and bass sounds such as rock music or house music you hear at parties? Subtle lighting may be more suitable for classical tunes or if you’re sharing quality time with that special someone.

With the sound of house music or rock from Kia Soul, you’ll feel as if you’re at a party, swaying your body to the music with a cold beer in one hand. Or see what it’s like to be listening to a rock band in front of the stage at an outdoor concert. Of course, you should always remember to drive safely!

I plan to get into a Soul, turn on the speaker lamp system, and listen to the live version of U2’s “With or Without you.” Doesn’t it sound great? I hope all you will soon get a chance to enjoy your favorite tunes with Kia Soul. I’m sure this is great news for music lovers. Won’t you join us?