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Minivan with class, the Kia Grand Carnival June 5th, 2015

Thoroughly upgraded from the previous generation, the all-new Grand Carnival (‘Sedona’ in North America) boasts an enhanced design inside and out, along with greatly improved use of space and convenience features that can compete with those of high-end sedans. Its comprehensive safety features and elegant style have help garner some impressive accolades like the NHTSA Overall 5-Star Crash Safety Rating, 2015 Autobytel Minivan of the Year title and 2015 IIHS Top Safety Pick. Find out how the Kia Grand Carnival adds “style” to the minivan vocabulary.


550 thumnail

Award-winning design & premium comfort

Named the Best New Car Design at the 2014 New York Auto Show, the Grand Carnival’s overall design improvement lies mainly in creating a more modern look with a powerful front end, clean side profile and voluminous body. Inside, stand-up seats make folding the second row upright easier, while the third row glides under the floor, providing ample space without removing any seats. Heating and fan settings are available in the seats to keep the indoor comfort impervious to outside climate.


YP 15MY GE-RHD stand up seat

The Smart Tailgate, Dual Sunroof and Power-Sliding Anti-Pinch Doors that stop upon detection of an approaching object by built-in sensors are just few examples of many premium features equipped in the luxurious Grand Carnival.



Kia all-new Grand Carnival Sedona Dual sunroof

Safety to the max

The Grand Carnival features an advanced safety system, both passive and active, to ensure the best protection on the road. Extended use of advanced high strength steel and patented technologies have significantly improved not only impact resistance but also torsional rigidity and performance thanks to weight reduction and collision structure redesign.


Grand Carnival Advanced High Strength Steel

Electronic Stability Control (ESC), one of Grand Carnival’s many intuitive systems, will help you take better control of the vehicle. ESC actively controls the brake pressure of each wheel and engine output after recognizing dangerous driving situations such as sudden turns, acceleration and braking.


Powerful, yet smooth driving

The all-new Grand Carnival offers the perfect balance of power and refinement, comparable to that offered in premium sedans. Its high-endurance gasoline powertrain delivers 276 horsepower and an exceptionally quiet, smooth drive. Engineered with a high performance damper (HPD), added rear strut reinforcement, and a high-strength chassis for better handling and aerodynamics, the Kia Carnival will be an excellent choice for those who are in search of premium class, large space and safety – all at once.


Kia all-new Grand Carnival Sedona GDI

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Editor’s note: Powertrain options, specifications and features may vary depending on country.