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Green Car August 22nd, 2008

By Hyun Jin ChoSustainability Management Team
Kia Motors Corporation

Green cars refer to next-generation vehicles that are pollution-free. When the phrase first surfaced, a “green car” was clearly a car that would appear in the “next generation.” However, it has now become something that will soon affect our present generation rather than future generations.

Presently, most automakers around the world are focusing on developing and launching green cars or similar vehicles under the realization that such products are directly linked to their future existence.

Rio hybrid

A few days ago, Hyundai-Kia Automotive Group Chairman Mong-Koo Chung made an important comment related to the issue at a meeting.

“… low-carbon, environmentally friendly cars represent a high value-added industry of the future that will promote sustainable growth. Technological competencies should be focused on developing core parts and original technology. Venture businesses play a major role in developing cutting-edge technology, meaning vast synergy effects on related industries. Accordingly, we should nurture venture businesses to contribute to fostering mutual prosperity between large corporations and SMEs, job creation, and growth of the national economy…”

In other words, he expressed intent to drive low-carbon, green growth through the development and commercialization of environmentally friendly cars. To that end, plans are being pursued to start the first mass production of an LPI hybrid car in the second half of 2009 and to introduce a mid-size, gasoline and LPG hybrid car in 2010.

Additionally, the Hyundai-Kia Group will pursue early commercialization of hydrogen fuel cell cars. Currently underway is a test run of 66 vehicles equipped with a hydrogen fuel cell system developed independently by the Group. From 2010, the number of test cars will be increased to 500 and a system for low volume production will be set up. The plan is to begin mass production in 2012.

Recently, the worldwide automobile industry has been in the midst of a complex environment characterized by fierce global competition and soaring raw material prices, along with opportunities like the expansion of emerging markets and development of new automotive technologies.

Green cars will provide a valuable opportunity to rise above the tide of the times instead of being overwhelmed by them.

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  • this website too good

  • Geoff

    Please could you tell us somethings about the Rio which is pictured in this article.
    Also what configuration is the LPI hybrid car? Is it petrol/electric, what model will it be?


  • Geoff, thanks for your question.

    Rio Hybrid model shown above provides a level of air polluting substance emission decreased by 37%, as well as fuel efficiency improved by 44%, in comparison with the existing gasoline models. Starting with providing 121 units to Korean public organizations in 2005, 146 units which were upgraded to SULEV(Super Ultra-Low Emission Vehicle) were provided in 2006 and 353 units in 2007.

    The capacity is as below(following);
    -Driving Method : Parallel type
    -HEV Format : Soft HEV
    -Engine : 1,399cc DOHC
    -Fuel : Gasoline
    -Motor : Alternating current motor (12kW/95Nm)
    -Battery : Ni-MH (144V)
    -Transmission : CVT
    -Fuel Economy (LA4 Mode) : 19.8km/l
    -Driving Performance : Maximum Speed(165km/h), 0 -> 100 (km/h) : 12.2 seconds
    -Gas Emission Regulations : Satisfying SULEV

    LPI Hybrid vehicle is a hybrid electronic automobile that operates on LPG and LPI engine technologies. Although we are not yet able to comment on the specific model, it is highly likely that it will be introduced as a semi middle-sized car.

  • The LPG hybrid will be the Hyundai Avante, sold as Elantra in US.

  • Geoff

    Thanks Hyun Jin Cho for the detailed answer to my questions. intersting reading.

    What does LPI stand for?


  • Geoff, LPI stands for the ‘LPG injection’, or ‘LPG iquefied injection’. Thanks.

  • Geoff

    Thanks for the answer.

  • Boris

    Will the hybrid system shown in this rio be available in Kia models like soul (1.6)? which is afterall based on a modified rio platform. do consider that.

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  • Kiafan

    I’ve found that the communication between Kia and its customers and/or prospects has been improved substantially as much as products improvement. I am pleased.

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