Greetings everyone! from the President and CEO September 3rd, 2007

Euisun ChungBy Euisun Chung
President and CEO
Kia Motors Corporation

This is an especially exciting moment for me, and Kia Motors. I’m proud to be the first person to post on Kia’s new blog, Kia BUZZ. We want this blog to serve as another important way in which Kia can maintain open discussion and dialogue with people throughout the world: our customers, dealers, other automotive bloggers, and really anyone else who shares an active interest in the automotive world.

I’m sure most of you reading this will understand how much the world is changing, especially the way in which we communicate. Information is passed on and shared at a phenomenal rate, thanks to the way in which the internet is evolving as a communications tool. A famous University of California at Berkeley study estimated that today we develop the same amount of information and ideas in one year that took us 25,000 years to accumulate in the past. Never before has the pace of innovation and technology moved so quickly.

The automotive industry is no stranger to this pace of change. Just look at one area of automotive technology, diesel engine technology, and see how far it has advanced in recent years. Today, high speed direct injection (HSDI) diesel engines in passenger vehicles provide lower fuel consumption (25~30%) and better drivability (80~100% higher max Brake Mean Effective Pressure) than conventional gasoline engines. We want this blog to help inform people of advances such as these, and how Kia is continuing to develop world-class products for the global marketplace.

Kia BUZZ is our first true foray into the world of web 2.0 (by the way, this is a great video about web 2.0, which was shared with me recently). The nature of this blog will evolve over time, without a doubt, and we hope that through your comments, feedback and shared thoughts we will continue to provide an engaging and interesting read.

To this end, we’ve pulled together a team of talented Kia Motors bloggers who will regularly post and share their thoughts and opinions here. They will introduce themselves and their fields of interest over the coming weeks and months.

We hope you will become a regular reader and sign up to our RSS feed; I look forward to posting here again and reading your comments.

  • J.H.Kim

    Good Challenge..Good communication will make Great understanding..Good Luck!!

  • Andrew J.

    Good luck to all kia cars.
    A series of “cee’d” would definitely be a rescuer for Kia
    in a fierce battle in European car markets.
    Keep up a good work!

  • Very encouraging and challenging talks by Mr. Chung.
    The brand “KIA” is really catching on very fast in UAE, KIA cars are getting more popular every day, thanks to the product quality, attention to customer satisfaction and the commitment.
    Good Luck !

  • Ashok Prasad

    An unique initiative from one of the fastest growing Auto brands. Congratulations. This is indeed the ‘Power to Surprise’

  • Congratulations for your decision to enter the blogosphere. It’s nice to know we can communicate with you guys over at Kia.
    Keep it up!

    Oh, one more thing, the blog looks awful in Firefox, maybe you can do something about it.

  • I started a forum for Danish Kia owners a little less than a year ago and have had a very good communication with the Danish distributor. Nice to see that the very open and straight forward way of the Danish distributor is reflected all the way to the top of Kia.

    The Kia brand has an uphill battle in Denmark, trying to establish itself as a car to reckon with but the Cee’d with it’s 7 year warranty has certainly improved the image. Just wished that the warranty would be extended to the rest of the models as the warranty certainly has created a kia-buzz here in Denmark.

    Good luck with the blog. I will certainly follow your postings with great interest.

  • Vlad – We are aware of the Firefox problem and are working to solve it as soon as possible. Thank you for your comment!

  • Glenn McTear

    Well done Kia, We have owed Kia’s over a period of years and have been very happy. When do you think the Diesel powered Optima will be released in Australia?
    Yes the power to surprise

  • Good job. You should add to your list of links so you can reach out to more people in Asia.

  • ulrike hager

    What a great move. Congratulations to all. It shows once more that you guys are on the right way and I hope that we will hear more from President Chung and others here in the near future.

  • david mckee

    hi , i own a 2001 kia rio and i am very happy with it kia has worked very hard in australia and is getting better and better each year my daughter loves the 2007 rio so much value for money also would like to see more advertising from kia i live in toowoomba queensland i see a lot of grand carnivals running around keep up the good work

  • Mohammed Alboainain ( Bahrain )

    Congratulations , actually it is a value add to KIA that it established a way to hear its customer , coz all my suggestions and comments in the past , which I use to send it to company emails has been ignore and i think it is the case with the other customer .
    But now there is a clear official blog where the customer can post there opnion and reach the top management of Kia not only the web admin as a President and CEO Kia Motors Corporation MR. Euisun Chung has post here .

    Moreover I expact Kia company to accept all the positive and negative comments and opnion .


  • cristi

    great move indeed, but only if this blog will be monitored and actions will be taken. I would have rather had a quick reply on my last week emails from your sales department about the lack of information from KIA Romania. even though it would have been just a one-liner. let’s hope for the best though…

  • andrei

    you should take a look over in Romania because the dealers kill the brand

  • Well done! It looks excellent. Congratulations on your launch of Kia Buzz a new interactive communication with customers and business partners. Good luck!

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  • Fabulous, I’ve been impressed with Kia’s ability to maintain clear channels of two way communication with the Kia Dealers and customers. Another strong step here with the blog. Great work!

  • Site layout and function looks nice. Looking forward to bridging the gap between Korea and the United States and will do what ever I can to help the process.

    Mark Ingalls

  • Jens-C. Albrecht

    I’m a cee’d driver since a week. Excellent car! But to be competitive on the European Market (especially the German market) much more has to be done in the advertisement sector (more than VW, Opel, Audi, or even more than Renault, Citroen. or even more than Toyota) like higher frequency on TV-spots, ADAC tests (german automobile club), more newspaper ads etc etc. Anyway, good luck for more sales! If you’d like more advice let me know ;-)

  • Hello dear Kia team!
    Congratulations for this initiative! The communication with the customer will be an important competitive advantage in future. The needs of the customers can be recognized with that. In future, if Kia then lets this knowledge flow into the product development, we surely can expect even better cars.
    Best wishes!

  • TK

    Hello Kia~
    I think it’s great that you are trying to communicate directly with your customers. You will receive positive feedback as well as a lot of negative feedback. Keep you head up and I think you will reach your goal of being one of the best automobile manufactures in the world… well… in a long run.

    Good luck!

  • G. Klein-Weiss

    WoW ! I´ve been waiting for this open blog as a forum since my SUV (so-unhappy-vehicle) broke down in november 2006. Splendid car – but poorest technical service in Frankfurt/Germany – KIA´s European HQ !
    It took more than 7 months – yes 7 – to get my SUV running again.
    But…wait and see… I´m still in talks with….. (who cares with whom – KIA doesn´t either…).
    So congratulations as well on my behalf to this open forum!
    Perhaps we – the users – now get the chance to convey our worries and our problems in an unmonitored way.
    We may be open…we will be open…
    Great cars….poor service – at least 50 miles around HQ – Germany.
    Enjoy your car …. as I did up to July 07.

  • Gilson Alves

    It is a great initiative that surely will help customers better knowing KIA.

  • Paul Murray

    Congrats on this great idea Kia, I am a happy owner of a Kia Cee’d and had a Kia Cerato before that so looking forward to what you have coming after the Cee’d!!! :)

  • Congratulations Kia Motors, Mr President.

    What a excellent way to keep us up to date on worldwide developments. It will also create positive interaction between Kia Motors, Kia Retailers and most Importantly our customers.

    Scott Buchanan
    Flear & Thomson Kia
    United Kingdom

  • ulrike hager

    Would be nice to share photos of the Kee here and a video of the great revealing at IAA

  • Simon Lees

    Sir, I’m not sure Kia has quite understood the demands of British buyers. To succeed you have to build cars we want to drive, cars which deliver more than a drive to work, a passion we want to shout about and a badge we will be proud to own. Your cars are probably perfectly capable of doing everything I could ever need, but deliver nothing I want. I need the reliability, economy, etc.. but want design, passion, style… As your products are now priced in line with Fords, VW’s, Vauxhall’s, Toyota’s etc… there are always going to be family favourits or brand loyalt. I am saving for a BMW as I drive a Mercedes, the new 320d coupe, it offers style, passion, a wonderful driving experience, a feelgood factor, excellent residials as a bonus, all things your cars don’t.
    WHY NOT…?
    You are capable of designing good cars, take the Hyundia coupe, lovely design, but no diesel engine, therefore expensive to run, tax etc…
    Please produce a coupe with the passion of European tasts with a frugal nature. And no the Proceed doesn’t cut the mustard as it’s a hatchback, a 2 door version of a family car. But the 180BHP Diesel shows promise. Please put it in your new coupe and I promise you’ll be on to a winner.. I would be willing to help you with any new models or ideas you may wish to put to me..

  • Przemek

    You are doing an impressive job. I am a car maniac. I drive a BMW 530d and have a classic Ferrari and Mazda MX-5 for fun. 2 years ago I wouldn’t even go near a Kia. Now my parents are looking for a station wagon as a 2nd car and it seems like the Ceed SW is the most rational choice. I test drove the 115 hp diesel and actually enjoyed it and the car seemed very well built!!! Congratulations on being able to build a new car in a new factory in a new country and sell it at 15%-20% below your competitiors prices. The European manufacturers should be getting very, very worried

  • It’s great to see Kia joining the blogosphere!

  • Tauben

    This is a great start. A car company who actually has initiated informal discussions with its potential customer base is truly inspiring.

    Kia never used to have much of a market in the UK, but recent model lineups has improved this. I agree with the previous poster that to be successful in the British (or indeed European Market)
    A car must have :-

    Design Flair
    Value For Money
    and last but certainly not least, great dealer backup and reasonable residuals.

    Skoda has been the recent success story. Coming from a badge that during the 80’s and 90’s nobody would want to associate with to a premier brand among the likes of Volkswagen and Audi. I truly hope that Kia achieves the same.

  • Thanks for visiting Kia BUZZ. I am pleased to see all your comments and some of them are quite encouraging. I look forward to having an open dialogue to exchange viewpoints and welcome your ideas and feedback.

  • Thomas

    Wow, It is great to see your comments in this blog, Mr. President.
    Please keep up the good jobs for the world customers.

    Thomas from Canada

  • Steve Miller

    Kia BUZZ is a great idea. Subaru of America thinks so too because they just started thier own Blog. The custumer always come first.
    I hope Kia service can repair the steering wheel vibration problem I am having with my 2006 Sedona LX soon.

  • Victor Foo

    Mr. Chung, I am optimistic overall that the positive direction Kia is taking right now in terms of making more performance-oriented cars with highly built quality. The Cee’d is a good example of that. However, I would like to know Sir will Kia one day become a full-range car manufacturer which includes building a high-end luxury performance car in the future? Also, I am confused the difference between Hyundai and Kia. I do know that both shares engine and transmission technology. But does Kia has its own technologies or Kia just uses all Hyundai technologies? Thanks! I am very curious about it as my interest in Kia grows with its continous product improvement.

  • Fred Cole

    Good work, Kia. I own a 2000 Hyundai Accent with 215,000 km. on it and I am very happy with it. I was looking at buying a Tucson but after seeing an ad for the Kia Rondo (Canadian model name – I’m not sure of the European model name), I investigated it, test drove it and ended up buying one! And so far, after three months, I’m extremely pleased with it. I couldn’t believe it when I found out the Rondo had more cargo space than the Tucson or the Sportage! And it gets better gas mileage! I understand that this model has been around for several years in Europe and Asia (it’s the first year for it in Canada) so I would be interested to hear of any potential problems I should look out for.
    Thank you, Kia, for starting this blog so that us Kia owners can share our ownership experiences.

  • Pruiz

    I own a Hyundai Atoz Prime and I am very happy with it even it has 7 years. The last August I tested the new Kia Cee´d and it was a good experience to drive. I met the Hyundai brand 15 years ago and I could tested all model of Hyundai vehicles, because I was working with the distribuitor in Canary Islands, but really I like the Cee´d, its design, price,
    style, details,….Congratulations!!! I hope to enjoy with the new models of Kia like the new Pro Cee´d.

  • Congrats for the decision to join the blogosphere. Here in Germany we have the KIA-Sorento-Forum for a lot of enthusiastic fans of this KIA Car.
    Regrettably the Service here in Germany is not as good as it could be: Quality depends on the owner of the dealership; some are very good, most are average.
    Anyway, I will keep an eye on this blog and try to give a supporting comment, if possible.


  • Victor Foo – The Mid-sized SUV is currently undergoing some road-tests and will reach the global market next year. Kia also has plans to develop a high-end luxury RV. Kia is working hard on how to differentiate itself from Hyundai after setting out to pursue a clear brand direction and identified target customer. When it comes to the differentiation issue, the most important thing is product, which shows the brand direction. Although Kia shares common parts with Hyundai, Kia will make its future products unique as much as possible. Then, in order to differentiate more, Kia will have a unique communication, sales, and service strategy, etc. on the basis of its brand identity.

  • Victor Foo

    Mr. Ryu, thanks for your reply! Now that I have a general idea about the difference between Kia’s direction compared to Hyundai. I am surprised that Kia has plans to launch high-end vehicle. I have two questions though. What is the meaning of RV? Also, you said that product will be the most important thing to be differentiated. My second question is how will you make Kia products different from that of Hyundai? Will you try to differentiate it by pursuing differently unique designs but still use the same engines, transmissions and suspensions as Hyundai or all of these will be different from Hyundai? Thank You!

  • Christa Lamers

    I recently bought a 2007 Kia Rondo at a used car dealer, after finding it very difficult to find at a Kia dealership. I was disappointed to see that it was discontinued in the United States. It is a fun, beautiful, ansd practical vehicle. I love it. I just don’t think it was marketed properly here in the U.S.. So many people after seeing my car say they would buy one, but they had never heard of it. I hope you reconsider and bring it back with some good advertising. I think it would go like wildfire. There are only a couple of changes I would make; a 4 wheel drive switch for winter climates ( I live in Minnesota), adding a lumbar support, maybe power seats and make it just 6″ or 15 cm longer for just a little more space behind the 3rd row seat. I think the Rondo is great! I hope I don’t have to go to Canada to buy my next one.

  • I work for KIA VIET NAM…HELLO KIA team..KIA Vehicle is not only beautiful and good quality not also friendly environment. I believe that KIA will lead the first automobile company which apply green technology and create many friendly car with environment in the world.

  • Good insightful post. Never thought that it was this simple after all. I had spent a great deal of my time searching for someone to explain this subject clearly to me and just did that. Great big thanks! Keep it up.

  • Sportage Fan

    Hello KIA, Mike here in Germany. I´ve just bought my very first KIA, the Sportage. Very very impressed with the build quality and my wife loves driving it. Many thanks and keep up the good work.

  • Hi Mike,
    Thanks for the great feedback!
    We’ll continue to strive for the highest build quality and customer satisfaction.

  • Phil & T S

    The new Diesel Grand Carnival is a REALLY good example of Customer-focussed design and engineering. We changed from the earlier diesel (2.9 turbo) very recently and everything’s so much better – noise levels, performance (better than the V6), and jaw-dropping real economy.

    Still got 4 1/2 years warranty to go, and seeing as we knocked up 245,000km in the former ‘bus we’ll be looking at 400,000+ by the time the warranty expires. Let’s see how she survives – and on past experience we’re both betting that there’s a VERY GOOD REASON why the Carnival has 40+% of the Aussie MPV market!

    Ten years’ ago we’d never have considered Kia in any short list. This is our second Carnival in succession. There’s NOTHING even close in terms of versatility, low ownership costs (variable and fixed), ease of servicing, and fuel economy.

    Kia are definitely going places and we’re very happy to be members of your multi-million vehicle customer base!