Guten Morgen from Frankfurt! (Live webcast notice for Frankfurt motor show press conference) September 8th, 2011

One of the world’s biggest automobile events is just around the corner and Kia is itching to showcase its latest gems of technological and design advancement.

The Internationale Autombil-Ausstellung (IAA), more commonly known as the Frankfurt Motor Show, has more than 100 years of history and is the holy site for car manufacturers to discuss a variety of auto topics, introduce major products and set new industry trends. A whole new year of automobile history will start in Frankfurt.

About 900 exhibitors are expected to join for the 2011 show and Kia has two very special surprises awaiting visitors.

Two weeks ago, we revealed a new concept car-a four-door sports sedan that stunned the world with its powerful, sleek design and dynamic features. We will have a few more updates about the car in the coming days.

Even though pictures of the interior have not been released yet, if you look closely you will see that the cabin is luxurious with tan leather seats and twin bold dials on the dashboard.

Another car to surely receive attention in Frankfurt is the all-new 3-door Rio.

If you don’t want to miss these exciting reveals from Kia, be sure to check out the live webcast at Kia’s global homepage and here at Kia BUZZ.

You can watch how the two cars will rock the automobile world with your own eyes during the live press conference on Sept. 13, 1:45 p.m CEST.

The countdown for a new chapter in Kia’s history starts now!

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