Happy 1st Birthday Kia BUZZ! September 3rd, 2008

By Kia BUZZ editorial team

A year ago, today, the Kia BUZZ launched itself onto the world in an effort to promote interactive communication between drivers, car enthusiasts and Kia Motors.  Gone are the days of a faceless corporation.  Instead, with the aid of new media and technology, real people from within Kia can provide valuable information about upcoming products or services that benefit drivers through the official corporate blog, to which the citizens of the world can discuss and provide direct commentary for the company.

In the year since its launch, the Kia BUZZ has attracted bloggers from more than 155 different countries around the world, providing valuable feedback for Kia Motors.  As all blogs, everyone and anyone is encouraged to write their feelings and sentiments about the brand, its products and its initiatives in their local countries.

In addition to corporate headquarter employees writing BUZZ content, there have been a number of employees from other countries who have contributed.  With more than 40,000 employees worldwide, it only seems natural to have them wanting to contribute to a global blog!  Bloggers have commented that they like to see what types of activities are happening in their countries and regions – especially with the vehicles that are seen on their streets everyday.

From its initial baby steps as a Korean-based corporate blog, the Kia BUZZ has truly gone global in its toddler year.  We, at corporate HQ, are proud to be a part of this initiative as it is truly one that shows Kia’s energy, enthusiasm and vitality for our young-at-heart drivers.  From the entire Blog Team here in Seoul, we wish to thank every blogger for contributing to the BUZZ’s first year and look forward to seeing more active participation in the future.

We welcome any feedback on how to improve our blog, too!  So, please don’t be shy.

blog team


  • Warm congratulations from your blog-colleagues at the Daimler-Blog! We always enjoy reading your posts. Keep up the nice work!

  • Oh, is it one year already?!…Well congratulations to KIA-BUZZ and all of the editorial team from KIA-WORLD blog!!

  • Boris

    congratulations! It was really a superb idea to launch an official Kia blog. besides sharing owners feelings, we bloggers have learnt quiet a lot about Kia and how things are done within Kia. Its a great way to promote a brand and that too in this internet age. Way to go guys! :)

  • Mark

    Congratulations. I wish Kia BUZZ grow to be the best Corp blog in the world.

  • So…. When is kia going to put the 2.4 I4 into a little car like the Rio, so that we can play with the Mazda 3’s. One of us StreetkiaZ members, need to make this happen and have some fun.

  • Bill Frearson

    I cant believe how fast the year as gone very warm congratutlaions to you all for keeping me well informed on all KIA activities you are always my ifrst read on recieving Bill

  • Geoff

    Interesting to read that this blog is turning one year old. Keep up the great work! I enjoy reading the different entries and also people’s comments

    I read that the Kia people are interested to hear from Kia owners from around the world.

    I purchased my new Kia Rio hatch last February. It was the first new car I have bought since 1993, this being a Holden Barina, a rebadged Suzuki Swift. At the time, after three months of motoring I received a survey from Holden’s asking for me to give my thoughts with regard to my new car.

    To collect information from owners, I was wondering if Kia does survey new owners in any countries? To date I have not received any surveys from Kia.

    Geoff (from Australia)

  • Congratulations,

    We will meet you hopefully in october at the PR Conference in Korea!

    Keep up the Good Job!


  • Congratulations to Kia-BUZZ and the editorial Team from the Swiss Sorento Club and the users of the German Sorento Forum.

  • cogito

    Wow!! That’s great!

    Good luck to you. Time is so fast….

  • Thanks everyone for the nice comments and well wishes. We look forward to yet another year (and many more to come) of information and idea sharing on the Kia BUZZ.

    The long-awaited Soul world premiere is right around the corner and we hope to have some good insights from on the ground at the Paris Motor Show…so stay tuned.

  • Thank you everyone for all your comments. In the second year, we aim to reduce the gap between information that our readers want and that we can provide. Thank you for your continued interest in our company and products.

    Seung Hwan Lee

  • Geoff

    Hello All,

    After buying my new Kia Rio I went looking around the net to find chat sites for Kia owners. I surfed around and found this site.

    As this is an official site, it would have been great to have received this web site’s address when I purchased my Kia from the dealer.

    Is this a possibility for the future? What do the people at Kia think of this suggestion?

    Also, it would be of interest if people, when posting comments at this forum listed which country they are from. What do other people think?

    Geoff (from Australia)

  • Bob

    regards to kia
    i had no info about kia until you became more noticable in australia and with the internet found out more about the company finally in jan o8 i brought a new rio ex sedan a loverly car,and i love kia buzz.i only have 2 problems i missed out on 5years warr only 3yrs although the car was reg in jan o8… the only other fault is the rear external side mirrors cars are a lot closer than they look i no this is the latest tec but it is hard to get use to in moden fast traffic. regards to KIABUZZ
    Bob in australia

  • Geoff

    Hello Bob,

    I agree with you about the exterior mirrors. In particular I am still not use to my right hand mirror, when attempting to pull out from a kerb or to overtake. I know….one is suppose to physically turn around and check with their eyes before pulling out or passing. Previous cars we have owned, Falcon and Commodore had a ‘standard’ mirror on the driver’s side and a “closer than you think” mirror on the left hand side. The Holden Commodore and Ford Falcon even had a warning notice on the left hand mirror, that vehicles may be closer than they appear.

    With regard to the 5 year unlimted km warranty, Kia Australia announced it on 31/1/08 and back dated it to vehicles sold from 1/1/08. Was your sales docket dated January 2008?

    I saved the webpage from the Kia site when this occurred. I took delivery of my Rio Hatch at the beginning of February, but the sales transaction was dated late January. My dealer also pointed this out to me, that the warranty was back dated, when I took delivery of my Rio.

    What state are you from Bob? I am from South Australia.


  • Congratulation for the successful year to the KIA BUZZ editorial team and all KIA family around the world. This is a wonderful interactive media which brings KIA so close to all.

    Meet you at Oct PR conference, in Seoul.


  • Pamela Munoz (a Canadian in Korea)

    Hello Geoff… that’s a great suggestion about bloggers mentioning which country they are from… which I see Bob has picked up on!! Good on you! I’ve seen that feature on other blogs.

    Keep the conversations coming, we’re happy to read them here at HQ!

  • Geoff

    Thanks Pamela for the reply to my suggestion. By referring to HQ, I assume you work for Kia in Korea. Am I correct?

    Does anyone from Kia in Australia read this blog?

    Geoff from Australia

  • Pamela Munoz (a Canadian in Korea)

    Indeed I do work in Korea… Seoul headquarters. It’s a great city. Anyone ever been here?

  • Bob

    hi geoff
    Bob in melbourne.dealers do funny things preston motors no longer sell kia .our rio was reg in jan paid for in jan delievered in jan .But they told kia it was sold in dec.also because my wife has been very ill its only done 1600kl.also preston motors didnt offer a 1000kl check that another dealer was giving.when i retire i will sell my car and the kia will be our only car. very nippy great turning lock and great in shopping centres to park..i cant fault the car apart from ext mirrors…
    regards to all Bob in melbourne australia

  • Geoff

    Thanks Pamela for the answer. Unfortunately I have never traveled overseas. South Korea sounds like an interesting place.
    What is your role in Kia?

    Geoff (Australia)

  • Pamela Munoz (a Canadian in Korea)

    Geoff – Assistant Manager of International PR. That’s me on the right-hand side of the picture.

    Why the interest in our blog? Are you an avid blogger or just got interested in it when you bought your Rio?

  • Geoff

    Hello Pamela,

    Thanks for the answer and the reference to the photo. I am curious as to how a Canadian finds themself working in Korea? Did you work for Kia in Canada prior to working in Korea?

    I just surfed in to this blog after buying my Rio in late January of this year. However, I did not initially find this blog, it took me some surfing looking for Kia links when I stumbled on to this blog. As this is an official Kia site, it is a wonder that Kia dealers worldwide do not promote the blog to new Kia owners.

    The Kia name in Australia is not widely known. There are few dealers here in South Australia, where I live. Although each summer Kia sponsors a national tennis event.

    My son is a motor mechanic working for a Kia dealer. He is the reason why I bought my new Kia Rio. At the same dealership they are agents for Honda and Ford. I compared the three makes and settled on the Kia. I have travelled 25000 kms since purchasing the Rio. I travel 1000 kms each week just going to work and back.

    Geoff (Australia)

  • Pamela Munoz (a Canadian in Korea)

    As with many ex-pats working in another country… we never truly believe we’ll be migrant workers but that’s how it’s turned out to be. When you’re on the hunt for an adventure, it tends to find you! That’s how I ended up here!

    As for letting our network know about the Kia BUZZ, we try our very best! There are a number of avenues in which we let our various networks learn about relevant information surrounding our business – the corporate blog is one of them. I think your message might be a good reminder to our dealers that their many Kia customers may be bloggers, too! Thanks :)

  • Geoff

    Thanks Pamela for the answers.
    Geoff (Australia)

  • gary

    congratulation for your 1st birthday!!

  • Bonjour