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Highlights of Soul exterior design October 24th, 2008

By Kia Design Center

Just like a backpack

Soul’s rear hatch is designed and shaped like a backpack to appeal to the young. This idea first appeared in the early sketches of the concept car. But in the course of making the production version, there were issues related to the trunk layout and noise, and the backpack had to be removed for quality and marketability sake. However, the backpack shape was retained to give a sporty look. And, a canvas allows users to customize their Soul with graffiti and other effects.


Battle against costs

The downward-sloping roof-line from the A-pillar to C-pillar is another representative feature. The glossy black cover of the A-pillar and the special coating on the doorframe doubled the costs. However, the designers insisted they were vital to convey Soul’s character and won over the other departments. On top of that, the use of double lens for the rear combination lamp and black bezel conjures up an image of crystals. Soul is also the first model in its relative segment to offer an 18-inch wheel option. With these features, designers came up with a small segment car that fulfills customers’ design wishes. One regret is that the concept car’s multi-folding rear gate could not be applied to the production model.



The concept car has black garnish on the A-pillar as well as the lower areas of the front and rear bumpers. But to account for individual tastes, the production version offers side moldings as a basic feature. However, consumers may customize their cars with skirts. The choices available include front, side, and rear skirts, along with body decals, lamp garnish and chrome decoration kit.


  • David Hart

    When will the full list of accessories be available for the Soul, and will they be differrent for the individual markets?

  • K-sport

    whoa! the concept’s hood opened forwards. this design is pedistian safe cuz if the car hits a pedistian a sytem can slightly tilt the hood upwards and provides a more slopped landing for the pedistrian. these hoods have not only been tested with dummies but it was so safe that they could use a human for the test.

  • Pamela

    Interesting comment K-sport… thanks :)

  • Hi David.

    The full list of accessories are not decided yet and the accessories will be different for individual market.

  • Patti Williams

    Can someone tell me why the USA version of the Kia Soul did not get factory roof rails like the Canadian model? The car looks incomplete.

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