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Hot in the city! (All-new Picanto test drive) February 17th, 2011

It may not be hot weather yet in Seoul, but our all-new Picanto is certainly heating things up! This is the second generation Picanto, known as Morning in some markets, and it was one of the most surprising A-segment vehicles I’ve ever driven. To be honest, I had a prejudice about A-segment car as most Korean men have. But all my prejudices were challenged during a drive on city streets last week when I had access to Picanto’s most basic models with a 4-speed automatic transmission.

Exterior of the new Picanto was bold and unique. I liked its front grille and side character line – those two elements represent that new Picanto’s double sidedness, sportiness and ‘cute’ appeal. Here are some photos that show the difference between the previous generation and the all-new Picanto.

We drove a basic model but there were some vast improvements over the first generation Picanto with features that would normally be reserved for vehicles in B-segments or at higher price points. Instead, on this cold winter day, I enjoyed the heated steering wheel and seats, along with great convenience features like AUX and USB functions, rear parking assist, electric folding outside mirrors and a runway style illuminated vanity mirror. The heated steering wheel was the best option by far and I wanted to transplant it to my car! It only takes about two minutes to warm up the steering wheel and I was happy to warm up my hands!

Here’s a video of electric folding outside mirrors, a runway style illuminated vanity mirror and cup holder.

The interior of the new Picanto was roomy and comfortable. And its interior design was simple and driver-oriented. I especially thought the steering wheel was sporty and I liked its grip more than my car! (I own a Forte Koup, by the way.)

Front seats give plenty of space for legroom and headroom. The rear seats were not as roomy as the front but still gives enough space for rear passengers. Leg room is longer in the front and head room is plentiful. I measure 5’6” (about 169cm) while my passenger is 5’9” (176cm) and we could both comfortably fit in the front and back with plenty of leg and head space left over.

About luggage space, the rear trunk is about 200L and although that’s not enough space for me, it’s enough space for daily commuting from your home to work. 

If you want to be on trip with a lot of luggage with two or one more person, you can fold the 6:4 split rear seat to load more luggage. As you see we managed to fit our selves comfortably in the rear space

The drive was stable and controlled with a lot more power in the Kappa 1.0 engine than I would have guessed. I even couldn’t recognize that I’m driving A-segment. The noise level in the cabin was low and vastly improved upon.

Here’s a video clip we recorded to show you the engine room and Kappa engine’s sound.

It was a great ride and we hope you all enjoy the driving experience with the all-new Picanto as much as I did – once it becomes available in your countries. The next generation Picanto will be officially unveiled at the Geneva International Motor Show in March 2011. Here’s a quick video of our drive around town!

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  • Patricia

    I want to change a mine

  • This #New Picanto will hit the market, Amazing car.

  • Greg

    I would love this car in the USA. I have a delivery job, and the 3 cylinder engine would be absolutely AWESOME! Kia would sell so many of these. SERIOUSLY.

  • Uzairnasuruddin

    I like this car. Cool & great car too.

  • Thanks for the comment, Greg. We’ll continue to monitor industry trends but for now the all-new Picanto will not be available in North America or Australia.

  • Eddie

    Simply like it!

  • Ananyr

    i love it
    nice >>>>>>>>

  • i think its nice , but the kia serves after sell very bad here in morocco

  • Markus

    When is the official release date for Europe (especially Austria), or is this still a secret?

    My car dealer told me that he’ll probably get the first demonstration cars about April.

    As I need a new car till the end of may I want to know if i shall wait or buy an other model

  • Red_men219

    when it will be available in saudi arabia

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  • balakutax

    please hurry come to indonesia
    as picanto 1st selling hurt badly past 2 months, because this highly publicize 2nd gen on magazine and internet…so no one want buy 1st gen

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  • Attorney

    when will South Africa be getting the new Picanto?

  • @ Attorney,

    In our current plan, it will be June this year.

  • Tim

    what is the tank capacity and gasoline consumption please ?

  • @ Jodus

    Thank you for your interest in Kia and the all-new Picanto. Currently there is no plan to launch the all-new Picanto in Malaysia.


  • Crkich

    Please let me know when this Picanto arrives on Brazil.

  • @ Crkich,
    All-new Picanto will be available in Brazil from August. But please contact your close local dealership to find more accurate info.


  • KiaFan

    I have fallen in love with the All-new Morning since its launch in Korea (24 Jan). The local (Hong Kong) Kia distributor initially replied in March that it would be launched in June but later they said the Korean manufacturer could not manage to make the shipment and refused to confirm the arrival date!

    Moreover, as the All-new Morning is remarkable for its reduced CO2 emissions and improved fuel consumption especially the manual transmission version, it is a pity that the distributor insists on importing the automatic one only!

    May I know when the All-new Morning will be released in Hong Kong? As the local Japanese automobile market is shrinking due to the earthquake and tsunami, it is high time that Kia expanded its market share especially in Asia!

  • @ Kia Fan

    Thank you for your comment and interest in all-new Picanto. Announcement of the exact launching date might be delayed due to back orders in Seo-San plant, Korea. We will do our best to meet the deliver our products to global market in time.

    And your concern about manual transmission, we will pass your message to the Hong Kong distributor to let them know your needs.


  • Hpfortes

    I currently own a 2010 1.1 lt engine Picanto (Morning here in Chile). I´m planning to exchange it for the new one, and I would like to know if it´s going to be much difference between this one and the new Picanto 1.0 or the 1.2 lt. that could arrive here.

  • Advancedtuning1

    Hello i need a big favor since in Colombia the picanto didnt come with LED head lamps and LED tail lights, i want to know where can i buy them and replace the H4 head lamp without problem and the halogen tail light also without problem, can you please tell me the part number for those items please or where to buy them,,thanks

  • D.S.Burnham


  • Mohammed

    I want to know when will the new kia Picanto be sold in the HJK (jordan/Middle east) because I’m soooooooooooo getting one :D Picanto Rules :)

  • Nicole

    when will Malaysia
    aunch the all-new Picanto.

  • Ese Orah

    Please when will the New Picanto be available in the UK?

  • CJ

    When is Picanto 2011 be hitting Philippine Streets? I want to be the first to own one…

  • Afolabi adetayo


  • KiaFan

    It seems that KIA BUZZ is too busy to reply you.
    From the Kia(UK) website, it is implied that the New Picanto will be available on 17th June.

  • DreamerMd

    Same happened to me in El Salvador, central america…. i really wanna replace those parts too …. there are just a few rolling on the streets now.. its only been 2 weeks since launch! i was the second guy in my country to get it !

  • Shazly

    I Love This Car….. And Soon I will buy it

  • I Love This Car….. And Soon I will buy it

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  • speedsliders

    Indonesia is the first country to receive All New Picanto… Launched 7th of July… and had a huge welcoming… I’m in love with All New Picanto (Morning) when i first saw it in Seoul last april, and i can’t hardly wait to buy one now, thanks to KIA to choose Indonesia as it first sales area outside South Korea….. Hwaiting!!!! 

  • Congratulations! Maybe Indonesia is the 1st country in Asia to launch the right-steering All-New Picanto!? In fact, UK has launched it already on 17/6. Here in Hong Kong, the dealer just called me that All-New Morning had just arrived. But the pity is that only 1.25 A/T is available! Regarding fuel efficiency and CO2 emissions, M/T is much better than A/T! Above all, 1.25 M/T EcoDynamics is the best!! Can Kia think about importing it to Hong Kong as soon as possible??!!

  • @ KiaFan
    Thank you for your enthusiasm to the all-new Picanto and Kia. :-) About the available options in local markets, we are not the one who decide it. That decision making is settled by local distributor. But we will pass your comment to Kia Hongkong distributor.


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  • John

    Its July now and wonder any plan for launching in MALAYSIA? tq

  • speedsliders

    yes..thanks for the correction… :) Indonesia is the first country in Asia to receive the right-steering, with 2 varians, 1.25 A/T and 1.25 M/T, but they spec down so many features that most of us KIA lovers willing to pay… KIA Indonesia should’ve provide those options…. but anyway.. we love KIA!! 

  • Sg8136

    When will Kia bring the Picanto to Canada?

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  • Rasika Siriwardena

    how can I buy this in Sri Lanka

  • Hello Rasika Siriwardena, thank you for your interest in our Picanto! Could you please contact the nearest Kia dealership in your area for more information? Click the following link to find your local dealer. Thank you and hope you check out our other Kia models as well! : )

  • Hello,will this car launch in Malaysia to replace the Picanto 2010 ? How much the price in automatic transmission ?

  • 郭達達

    I want MT model. Unfortunately, the dealer in HK could not sell this model.
    Can I buy it through you directly?