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How did we make the all-new Sportage TV commercial? October 13th, 2010

Hello. Today, I’d like to introduce you to the story behind the creation of the ad for Kia’s compact SUV, all-new Sportage.

As you would expect from one of Kia’s most popular and volume seller, Sportage drew much attention in many parts of the world even before its launch. Unlike the Korean domestic ad which focused on Sportage’s high-tech specifications, the latest ad we made puts the spotlight on styling.

Much effort went into coming up with a proposal that focuses on its design factor, such as the sleek and flowing design unique to the new Sportage and low chassis that conjures up an image of a coupe. In line with the recent highlight on city driving, we also tried to create an ad containing images that position Sportage as an urban SUV. The end result was ‘Reflection’.

An orange-colored Sportage races through a striking forest of buildings. As the Sportage zooms by, its reflection can be seen in various parts of the city. The eye-catching car is reflected in a puddle of water, a glass cup in an outdoor café, glass building walls, and everywhere else where reflections can be seen. The reflections linger even after the Sportage is gone as the beauty of the car’s exterior leaves a everlasting impression.

After painting the town with its uncommon style, the orange Sportage scatters into beautiful rays of light and then turns white. Then, once again, it is off to paint the town with its unique style.

Some may think that reflection is a common theme, but few other motifs can be expressed with as much allure and mystery.

The ad was shot in the US city of Houston over four days. It has been airing in Africa and the Middle East since July. Soon, it will be shown in Central & South America and other regions. Here’s hoping that new Sportage will give added momentum to Kia.

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  • JG

    Nice commercial.

    Why the decision to shoot this in Houston? I know the US Sportage commercial was shot in Vancouver BC which is more interesting from an architectural point of view (modern, edgy).

  • Ayad_kurdi

    hello… i’m kurish people, i live in iraq.. i have 2 cars, both of them are KIA sportage> i’m biologist.. the head of general hospital,, i said to all my friends to buy KIA sportage,, all my friend are byed KIA sportage>> I love KIA sportage

  • michel wijnen

    de kia sportage is een mooi auto hij is veilig en ligt goed op de weg
    ik vindt het een aanrader

  • Jose G

    Que bella es la camioneta.. Lamentablemente de aqui que llegue a mi pais pasaran añoss y añoss.  Imaginen si las que han llegado el gobierno no las suelta a la venta, si llegaran a traer esas nuevas menosss las sueltan, se las queda todo funcionario del gobierno!!.


    Hi, I’m owner of a Sportage for a year, i’ve just wanna say that the SUV it’s a beauty and an excellent vehicle, many congrats for Kia an all que South Korean people from Chile.