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How I met my Carens? – A Love Story at 2012 Paris Motor Show October 26th, 2012

Meet Dave. Dave is a middle-aged very friendly salt-of-the-earth type of guy who is unluckily very short. Dave finds himself at the 2012 Paris Motor Show to see the premiere of the all-new Carens But he’s also on a mission to woo the woman of his dreams with a ride that is both practical & spacious. Watch what happens when Dave meets the all-new Carens and see what’s in store for him on this happy-go-lucky romantic journey.

About the Film:

This delightful short film was shot by a talented duo Timmy Henny and Stephanus Rabie from South Africa, who also shot Kia TV’s “A long journey to find out Kia Quoris”. Concept of this video is a documentary comedy that is similar to the style of popular TV sitcom “the Office”, whereby the main character is interviewed and narrates his story.

About the Filmmakers:

Timmy Henny lives and works in Cape Town, South Africa. His work has been published in Blunt, GQ, H&M (Sweden), SL, Financial Mail, The Star and more. He has a strong affiliation to visual forms and loves the way that this interacts with music, theatre, fashion and nature.

Stephanus Rabie specializes in film and photography, with more than 10 years of video production experience. As a director/producer, he constantly produces content for South African TV, with hit travel shows like “Jan Braai vir Erfenis” and “Stadig oor die Klippe” under his belt.

With an absolute passion for traveling he is constantly inspired by the uniqueness and diversity of the natural beauty, people, food and music to be found everywhere around the world.

About the Actor:

Rob Van Vuuren is a beloved theatre director, producer, playwright, actor, comedian, and MC extraordinaire in his home country South Africa. He was nominated for the best one-man show at the 2008 South African Comedy Awards, and won the Nando’s Best Comic Performance by an Actor at Grahamstown 2008.

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