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How it all started… October 23rd, 2008

By Kia Design Center

From concept sketch to Soul……

Soul originates from the concept car KND-3 (SOUL) which premiered at the 2006 Detroit Motor Show. The open feel exuding from Soul’s A-pillar can be traced back to KCD-2 (Mesa) which showcased at the same trade fair in the previous year. Themes around ‘utility’ and ‘music’, targeting the Y generation, were added to that foundation to kick-start the drive to develop the production version.

From the vision model to the fixed production model, Kia Buzz provides the first ever look at the four-year development process and the story behind Soul.


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Designers also think about engineering solutions

The desire to drive a road car as stylish as the concept car is shared by many. But producing a model based on a concept car means taking into account the design, material and production process.  As such, the entire process, right back to the original sketching, has to be done all over again. Having to work within a predetermined concept actually presents more problems. For designers, this requires much thought and deliberation on how to produce a car while retaining the sacred image of the concept car. The process also provides clashes and comprises at each stage of production development. Soul was no exception.

The highlights of the Soul concept car were the A-pillar emphasizing openness and the butterfly doors. The trunk ‘backpack’, another major feature, posed the greatest challenge. Overcoming the hurdles to create a car with optimal design for consumers is an important task for designers. The design process, from concept to mass production, can be likened to a relay race. It requires the joint effort of everyone involved, from start to finish. The anchor (designer) in the race to produce Soul communicated endlessly with the starting runner (concept designer) and struggled constantly with the design to come up with the Soul you can see on roads today.

Tomorrow, we will discuss Soul’s exterior characteristics.

  • shtuped

    I read the first review today of a Soul. The first comment was that the motor was rough. It is 2008 and i would hope the production model has an engine able to compete with the competition( Scion, Mazda etc.). i am interested in buying one but not if i am listening to a lot of noise coming from the engine.

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