How to Change a Flat Tire February 3rd, 2012

Most of us have at one time or another changed a flat tire or at least witnessed someone else doing the dirty work.  Flat tires can happen anywhere and at any time, so it’s absolutely crucial for your own and the safety of others to learn how to change a tire correctly. It might sound like a no-brainer or common sense procedure, but you’d be surprised how the smallest errors can lead to some serious problems.  It’s always good to go over the basics, so we’ve prepared this video to go over the safest and best techniques to change a flat tire correctly, check it out:

Now that you know the basics, you’re good-to-go, right? Well…not exactly, here are some additional things to keep in mind when using a spare tire:

  1. It’s smaller than the regular tire
  2. It’s for emergency use only
  3. It’s a temporary tire to get you to the nearest service center
  4. The spare tire is small and light weight for better fuel efficiency
  5. Do not drive at a speed over 80km/h (50m/h) with a spare tire


Here are the essentials you should always carry in your vehicle.

1. Spare Tire – The whole point of changing a tire would be pretty useless if we didn’t have a spare one in our trunk. Flat tires happen, so always make sure you have a spare in your trunk, back seat or wherever it’s safe and convenient.

2. Tire Changing Kit – Most vehicles come equipped with a tire kit, but if yours doesn’t, make sure you go to your local dealership or nearest store to stock up on a wedge, hub wrench, jack, nut wrench etc…

3. Emergency Signs: You want to make sure that cars behind you are able to see that your vehicle is idle or it could lead to some serious consequences. Any sort of warning sign that you could set on the road would be helpful, to warn the cars behind you.

4.Work Gloves: To keep your hands squeaky clean, warm and safe.

Unless you’re in a racing team’s pit crew, changing tires isn’t exactly a fun and thrilling experience, but at least you’ll be well prepared the next time you have to change a flat.

  • Karen Price

    I am really choked that I just brought my new Kia home and there is no spare.  Not very classy Kia.

  • Hi Karen,  we appreciate your feedback. The spare is taken out for fuel, weight and space efficiency reasons. We do provide a Tire Mobility Kit to help repair a puncture, and a spare tire can be purchased at your local Kia dealer/distributor.