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I’m Your Soul January 15th, 2009

By Seung Hwan Lee
Kia BUZZ Editor

As written in my last post, here’s the full version of the online film featuring the Kia Soul, entitled “I’m Your Soul.”  It features five “mini-me” Souls that dash around and play tricks on people on the street.  Shooting took place in a city in Europe.  Has anyone run into one of these sweeties?   Enjoy the clip.  Find out more at

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  • EXCELLENT!! Stuff like this makes Kia Motors different, unique, fun, youthful and dynamic. MORE PLEASE!

    Also, since Kia Motors UK is getting Lotus Engineering to fine-tune their UK-spec Soul suspension, can Kia make a “Lotus Soul” like Ford’s old Lotus Cortina!?

  • awesome! had a look at some other posts, will add to feed!