Images of all-new Optima and Forte (Cerato) 5-door April 1st, 2010

By Kia Motors Corporation PR Team

The next generation Optima sedan (‘Magentis’ name will no longer be used) made its world debut at the New York International Motor show today along with the Forte (Cerato) 5-door hatchback, which complements the 4-door sedan and Koup to round out the Forte line-up.

The next generation Optima sedan

Forte (Cerato) 5-door hatchback

Click >here< to download high-resolution images.

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  • JG

    They Look Fantastic! But show them in more exiting colors than dull grey!

  • Greg

    The Forte 5dr will be a hit….bar none. The wheel covers on the Optima look like a direct copy of round peppermint candies which come in red or green OR the shredder blade on a food processor. Totally out of character for the excellent overall design of the Optima. Certainly one can come up with a sporty, non-garish wheel cover to compliment this great looking sedan. This wheel cover looks like it came from a tricked out Cadillac.

  • Mariner

    WOW. The Optima is the best looking 4 door midsize I’ve seen in a long time. I agree with Greg about the wheels, some nice deep dish low profile spoke wheels would do well. I’m excited to see other colors as well. The Kia Grille which I’m a fan of, looks a lil too garrish on this body, since the car is fairly aggressive enough. I’m guessing its built on the Sonata platform so no rear drive. This body on a RWD would dominate the market! KIA you need a RWD sports car!

  • Greg

    The new Optima appears to be targeted to dual buyers. (1) Those looking for a sport sedan and (2) A family sedan with a bit of flair.

    It would seem appropriate that models appealing to the sport sedan buyer, the grille might be offered in body color or blackout. For the conservative buyer of a family sedan the chromed grille adds just enough flair to enhance the styling.

    Concurring with Mariner, his suggestion of different wheel covers or wheels would make the two buying groups able to choose according to their personal tastes.

    When one meets people, one usually looks at the face first, and the shoes next. This first look is important since you never have the
    second chance to make a first impression.


    On excellent authority, my information is that the new Optima and Sonata are to be built on the same production lines in Montgomery, AL.
    Production of the Santa Fe will be shifted to West Point, GA to be built on the same lines as the Sorento.

  • Hi Mariner… Thanks for the feedback. You’re not the first to say you’d like to see a Kia sports car. Although we have no plans right now, we’re always open to new possibilities depending on global demand. In the meantime, you can enjoy the sportiness of the Koup!

  • Greg

    Don’t get me wrong, I love the Koup, but it is in NO WAY a sports car. If anything, the Koup breaks promises. When you see the exterior of the Koup, it promises a fun, exciting, and exhilarating ride. When you get into the SX with leather package’s interior, it promises a sporty ride. When you start the engine, put it into gear, and step on it, you get disappointed. The engine is ho-hum, and it is really noticeably FWD. Again, I honestly love the Koup, and it is a GREAT car, but DO NOT call it a sports car. It’s looks are highly deceiving. Where is the turbo engine, and the AWD system? Add those two things along with auto temperature control, and an optional Navigation system, and then you will have more of a sports car.

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  • Steffen

    When checking out the pictures of the hatchback Forte, you could not understand why we sell the cee’d here in Europe right now.
    The Forte looks much better and the Kia family grille fits perfectely to the car.
    Unfortunately, the cee’d facelift looks really unbalanced and does not fit to the rest of the car. Many customers and dealer are not very happy with the look of the cee’d FL and for sure we could sell the Forte here in Europe better. Not saying the savings for development, parts, aftersales etc. when using only one vehicle worldwide.
    The savings could be used for introducing a real sports car (like the Hyundai Coupe) or a sporty convertible (Mazda MX-5 compeditor) as an image builder…

  • Robert

    Really looking forward to the Forte hatch. I can’t figure out though, why in the world they aren’t using the GDI engines in the Forte. With the 2.4 you wouldn’t even need to talk about the turbo and it seems the fewer engine options there are, the better, production and efficiency wise.

  • Ben

    When i test drove the Forte sedan i was excited but, decided to hold out for the Koup. Now after testing the Koup i am thrilled but see myself holding out for the Hatch. I cant help but think what teaser they will show us next year.

  • Well, Ben… we do have the ‘Power to Surprise’ after all! :D

  • Gabriel Binotti


  • Gabriel Binotti