In other words… April 9th, 2010

Colin JangBy Colin Jang
Kia BUZZ Editor

Hello everyone. It has been a while since my last posting about Soul Rock & Forte (known as ‘Cerato’ in some regions) 5-door. We were very impressed by the enthusiastic response and comments from the last post. All the comments were passed to each product’s managers and they appreciated the interest in our products.

In this post, we will talk about Cadenza’s role in the Middle East market. We always welcome your opinions about Kia’s brand and products – regardless of the focus of our discussion. Comments are always appreciated, too! =)

▷ Kia Begins Sales of Cadenza in United Arab Emirates
Posted by William Lee on TheCarBlogger(Mar 31, 2010)

Mr. Lee wrote about Kia’s launch of the new Cadenza in UAE. He mentioned that this is the first time Cadenza is released outside Korea.
Thank you Mr. Lee for kindly introducing the grand launch of Cadenza in UAE. We currently view the Middle East as a very important market for Kia Motors – especially since global market share of sedans accounts for approximately 5% in the region. Cadenza plays heavily into changing Kia’s brand image in the luxury sedan segment with its high-tech features and dynamic performance. We assume sales for our more ‘adult’ sedans will only pick up with Cadenza, Sorento and the soon-to-come all-new Optima. To learn more about Cadenza, please visit and enjoy an interactive video clip.
  • T. Smith

    what’s the estimated time the Cadenza, 5-door Forte, new 2011 Optima and new 2011 Sportage will be available for sale in Canada and the US?

    Why do you not make diesel engines available in North America? VW is currently the only manufacturer making them available at reasonable cost.