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Colin JangBy Colin Jang
Kia BUZZ Editor

Hello everyone. It has been quite a long time since my last posting. Today, I will cover the all-new Optima and the next generation Picanto. We always welcome your opinions about Kia’s brand and products – regardless of the focus of our discussion. =)

▷ 2011 Kia Optima introduced with DI, turbo and hybrid
Posted by Tsikot on Tsikot(June 14, 2010)

The blogger posted about the 2011 Kia Optima variants released at the New York Auto Show. He noted that Kia is offering three trim levels of LX, EX, and SX.
Thank you for your kind and detailed interest in the all-new Optima. As explained in the blog post, Kia will offer three trim levels with three kinds of powertrain, a 2.4L Theta II GDI(Gasoline Direct Injection), a turbocharged 2.0L Theta II and 2.4 L Theta II with a hybrid system, for the U.S. and Canada.

The All-new Optima was born to be a game changer in the mid-size sedan market, it did in the domestic market, with stand-out styling and class-leading performance. All-new Optima will attract drivers who like dynamic and futuristic styling and who also enjoy fun, agility and a highly responsive drive. Not only is it powerful but it is also eco-friendly. You will meet the hybrid version of all-new Optima early next year.

If you choose the SX trim with a sports package, you will get sport bumpers, a sporty front radiator grille, sporty 18” alloy wheel, larger brake discs with black-colored front calipers, rip type rear spoiler, LED daytime running lights, sporty seats and a LED rear combination lamp.

The Kia BUZZ editorial team will soon come up with more info about our all-new Optima.

▷ Next generation Kia Picanto to feature EV and turbo?
Posted by Paul Tan on Paul Tan(June 4, 2010)

Paul Tan
The blogger posted article about the next generation Kia Picanto, which will be released internationally in 2011. He noted that the new Picanto might get design upgrades from Kia’s Chief designer Peter Schreyer.
Wow! We didn’t expect to see a post regarding our next generation Picanto on an automotive blog! Well, we’d like to point out some inaccurate information reported here. The next generation Picanto’s design concept will be sporty & dynamic. Its exterior design is still undergoing changes, so it’s too early to say what it will look like. On a personal note, I saw the photos of the next generation Picanto and it was definitely sporty and futuristic.
About the powertrain: we don’t have plans to provide an EV (Electric Vehicle) option or a turbo charged engine, yet.

Thank you for your interest in the next generation Picanto! We’ll be sharing more news soon, enough!

  • Paul Tan

    I have updated the story with your statement :)

  • Manuel Agurcia

    Congrats on the new Optima…..we are hoping to get it real soon!!
    We want to know what engines will carry for the general market and if there is going to be a diesel version with either the 2.0 or 2.2 R engines?

  • Colin

    @ Paul Tan
    Thank you for your prompt reaction :-)

  • Colin

    @ Manuel Agurcia

    Thank you, Manuel!
    For Asia & Pacific and Middles East, There will be two kinds of powertrain, 2.0L Theta II and 2.4L Theta II engines. Both engines are MPI (Multiple Point Injection) and 2.4L Theta II GDI solely available in Australia.

  • WL Tan

    What is the reason why GDI engines will only be available in Australia and not countries like Singapore or Malaysia? So I guess the 2.0 turbo will not be available as well?

  • jakse nlanier

    Okay I writing a story,but I dont know what to describe how they said something or how they looked at each other.

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  • @WL Tan –> Sorry for the delay in our response. We market our GDI and turbo engines in countries with exceptionally high demand. From our projected forcasts, countries like Australia, Singapore and Malaysia would not have sufficient demand to warrant marketing the vehicle. Sorry to disappoint but we’ll continue monitoring demand and viability in each market, so keep your opinions coming!

  • matthew

    Hello kia motor’s engineers!

    I was just wonder, will american version of 2011 kia optima(K5) gets

    welcoming system, gulwing typed outside mirror and HID front position lamp (right above the fog light)?

    i checked both korean and american K5 microsite and noticed several difference between american and korean K5 or Optima…

  • koppni jaksen

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  • uui1

    You guys should really hire Tony Kang-shi, head of Torcon Performance Development( to work on this rumour of the 1.0 turbo engine. He and his crew do a great job of tuning current and older model Picantos
    Would really love to own a Picanto “GTI” in the near future!
    When will the photos you have seen be released to the public?