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Kia insiders explain why the all-new Sorento is #SoIDEAL January 22nd, 2015

There’s a lot of excitement around the launch of the all-new Kia Sorento which goes on sale in the global market in early 2015. With its luxurious design, excellent safety features and technology, the all-new Sorento meets all the requirements of being the ideal SUV. To provide an insider’s look at the newest model, we sat down with the Kia teams involved in the development and sales of the all-new Kia Sorento and asked them about what makes it the ideal SUV model for today’s motorists. Below are their answers and some photos taken at signature spots from around the globe.


Posing at the Chateau de Fontainebleau, France

Product Team – “Bigger cabin and plenty of space”

JinWon Kim, manager of Kia Motors Domestic Product Team, was heavily involved in the three-and-a-half-year development of the all-new Sorento. He believes the biggest strength of the all-new Sorento lies in its big and spacious cabin enabled by the improved platform. “In light of the growing popularity of leisure activities, we maximized the usage of space, which is an essential aspect for SUVs,” Kim said during the interview. “By lowering the ground clearance and increasing the length and the wheelbase, we were able to obtain vehicle dimensions that enhance stability,” he added.

All-new Sorento in the city of fashion, Paris, France

Design Team – “Sophisticated exterior inspired from modern architecture”

The all-new Sorento’s luxurious look is certainly eye-catching. Kurt Kahl, the Exterior Design Manager from Kia Motors Design Center America, confirms that “luxury” was indeed at the core of the design. “Compared to the design of the predecessor, which was soft and smooth, the design of the third generation Sorento shows more bold lines, expressing a bold and masculine power,” said Kahl. He also explained his inspiration for this design work: “I usually get my inspiration from artwork, and for the all-new Sorento, I got my inspiration from a building and tried to capture the magnificence of the building – the architectural molding, balance, and stability – in the all-new Sorento.”

Admiring the sunset in Jeju Island, Korea

Marketing Team – “Bold character with a confident stride”

Marketing and communication efforts have been an important part of the launch of the all-new Sorento. Kia Motors Marketing Team has used the term “upper class” to effectively position the new vehicle in the competitive SUV market. “It will be used in our communications with customers to express how the all-new Sorento is one class higher than the competition,” JinSeok Kim from the Domestic Marketing Team explained. He is confident that the all-new Sorento will be a perfect fit for those who appreciate comfort and refinement in a vehicle.

Wild and rough desert ride in the United States

If you want to see more photos, our worldwide SNS channels are featuring images of the all-new Sorento with the hashtag #SoIDEAL, emphasizing everything that is ideal about Kia’s popular SUV model.