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Interior innovation October 27th, 2008

By Kia Design Center

Innovation is one of the key qualities that designers at the Kia Design Center constantly seek.  Their focus on innovative design has been reflected on some of the interior features of the Soul.

Sound volume reflecting speaker lamp
A standout feature in Soul’s interior is sound-sensitive mood lighting. Mood lighting had been proposed in the very first concept sketch. That was spiced up with the addition of sound control. The speaker system comes with LED lighting that pulses with the music, a notion that will surely appeal to the younger generation who enjoy music and clubbing. At Kia, application of new technology is just as important as design.


Surprising color
A look into the fashion trends among the young reveals lots of interesting points. Often, simple colors on the surface reveal bold hues and dazzling patterns underneath. With that in mind, striking colors were used for the inside of the glove compartment and lid cover. In that way, a “surprising image” was created in what could have been a relatively plain cabin.


Black Soul glow seats
The seats and floor mats are lined with fluorescent material to make them glow in the dark. This feature is designed to please those of you looking for something just that little bit different.


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  • JFCross

    I am elderly (63), and hate dark interiors (particularily black) except when used to avoid glare. I don’t use ‘dark’ (except for accents) in any room in my house! Bold colours are certainly acceptable. If the floor areas are symetrical; different colours, fabrics (carpet & rubber??) could be used for (snap in) floor mats, on the ‘top and bottom’. Particularily in the luggage area, different surfaces would be desirable when carrying various goods (luggage vs gardening supplies??). Something innovative needs to be done with sunvisors! When needed, they must be constantly adjusted – very distracting, on a winding road. LED lights are a good way to allow choices (or not) in mood, speed control?? May be set the lights – to change – on a short or longer time cycle (to help stay awake); or at a desired speed level. A changeable cycle, for the sound level, could be useful, too!

  • K-sport

    will there be a 5 or 6 auto tranny for soul?

  • Wow good info, thank you. This is what i looking for.

  • I have had a Soul+ for 8 months and love driving it. I am, however, seeing what appears to be white “smudge” marks appearing on the the plastic interior of the doors, the armrest, and around the center console. These are not scratches, and can be wiped away with ArmourAll. Is this something others are experiencing?