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Intro to Cadenza technology (part 1) January 22nd, 2010

You’ve waited some time for it, but here is a new installment on the various technologies featured in Cadenza. Kia researchers devoted hours of hard work to create technologies that appeal to the emotions of drivers and deliver a dynamic and luxurious driving experience. Kia BUZZ will present a series of posts over the next few days to describe these features in detail.

Moo-yong KimBy Moo-yong Kim
Senior researcher
Vehicle Design Team 2

Auto Defogging System

Driving in the rain or in winter is always challenging. Bad weather impairs a driver’s vision – but that’s not all. Like the saying, “When it rains, it pours,” drivers have to contend with a slew of other factors in addition to the weather.

Foggy windows are annoying and potentially dangerous. Moisture inside a car is caused by the differences in temperature and humidity between the inside and outside of a car. Haze or fog can occasionally obstruct the driver’s visibility. However, it’s not a problem for drivers of Cadenza!

Kia Motors successfully developed an Auto Defogging System and installed the system in the Cadenza. The system removes moisture from the windows and controls humidity levels inside the cabin for maximum comfort.

On auto setting, wind is blown onto the windshield at the right temperature to remove moisture. A convenient feature is that the breeze can also be used to control the cabin temperature. A humidity sensor attached to the windshield and its control logic detect moisture on the window and automatically activate the A/C system to defog the windows without the driver having to press a button.

The auto defogging system found in competitor vehicles do not have the cabin temperature control function, which means the cabin can suddenly get hot when the system is turned on. The Cadenza though, ensures pleasant driving conditions as it removes the fog and controls the indoor temperature.

Next, discover something illuminating. Stay tuned for our next installment.

  • joao pelegrino

    Will the new KIA CADENZA be the substitute for kia MAGENTIS in BRAZIL?

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  • Michael Choo

    Hi Joao,

    The Magentis will have its own replacement soon so the Cadenza can not be considered the next generation Magentis.

  • jtz

    Wow another new feature I never knew the Cadneza had. Now I know this beats the LaCross and Tauarus in features and this is only part 1?

  • HyundaiSmoke

    Please guys, put it throughout the entire Hyundai/KIA range of products, small to large? Fogging of windows, lowers our quality scores.

  • James

    The Magentis is replaced by the K5

    The Opirus is replaced by the K7

    I wish they put the K7 interior into the K5. That would make the ultimate car.

    Too bad the 2011 Sonata’s styling still outshines the Kia K5. Great designs but something is still lacking.

    Its like they put just enough in to sell but not enough to give the customer everything in one package!