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Intro to Cadenza technology (part 2) January 28th, 2010

Hi, everybody! Here’s part II of Cadenza’s emotional & comfortable feature story for all you (future) Cadenza owners. Let’s take a look.

Chrome garnish mood lighting and large room lamp

Young-beom Lee and Ki-hong Lee, Senior Researcher, Vehicle Design Team 2

Forget about boring and monotonous car interiors. Cadenza brings something refreshingly new to the concept of luxurious cabins.

The unique chrome garnish mood lighting and large room lamp elevate cabin lighting to a whole new level, satisfying the emotional needs of drivers with a special combination of light and lines.

The “floating” crash pad extends all along the front from the driver’s seat to the front passenger’s seat. The dynamic lines of the crash pad are further accentuated with chrome garnish mood lighting that provides indirect lighting through the use of strip lights within the garnish.

Chrome molding is applied to the outside of the molding while light shines through the lower part which does not have a cover. LED lights are installed inside the molding for uniform and subtle illumination, adding to the luxurious and solid feel of the interior.

In addition to the crash pad chrome garnish mood lighting, Cadenza is equipped with a front passenger reading light and large, integrated room lamp. (Large room lamp not applicable with panorama sunroof.)

Electronic driver’s seat extension

Seong-hak HongBy Seong-hak Hong
Senior researcher
Seat System Design Team

Many specs and technologies are devoted to delivering the most comfortable driving. One of the items that affects drivers the most, and in a very direct way, is the seat. That’s because a driver needs to spend a significant amount of time in a seated position.

Sedans, SUVs and hatchbacks all have their own characteristic cabins and driver positions. And if a driver is tall or has long legs, they may find it difficult to get comfortable due to seats that fail to fully support their thighs.

As a solution, the Cadenza provides an electronic seat extension for the driver. The front part of the seat cushion moves forward and up to extend the cushion length and support longer thighs. The greater the contact between the thighs and the seat cushion, the more comfortable it is for drivers to sit for a long time and feel less fatigue due to evenly dispersed body pressure.

To activate the seat extension, drivers only need to press the front or back part of a switch that is attached to the side of the seat. The driver can adjust the seat’s movement until it is most comfortable for them and then take their finger off the switch.

The extending seat delivers a much more comfortable sitting position for drivers of the Cadenza.

In our next installment, we will discover a very useful feature for those of you dealing with cold winters. Stay tuned!

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  • JG

    Great interior! The red strip lights should become a kia design trademark in all their cars going forward.

    The only thing I do not like about this car is its name. K7 is better than “Cadenza” which, in my American opinion, sounds rather cheap.

  • jtz

    Here is a million dollar question. Once again Im impressed with the Cadenza’s luxury but as much technolgy you guys gave this car, why does it lack AWD? I don’t get it you guys showed me the performance, style, safety and groundbreaking features yet the drive is like the Kia sephia’s FWD. A car this high tech needs AWD. What if it gets stuck in snow and it needs power to be sent to the rear to get out? A panaramic roof or heated steering wheel want get this car out of the snow. As many awards the first generation Sorento has won because of its 4WD I would have thought you guys would make a 4WD sedan by now. But nope apparently the day you guys make an AWD car is the day pigs fly. So what’s next a Kia with features like Bentley with FWD?

  • I talk to KIA on twitter (@KIA_MOTORS– my name is @JOSHYLOFTY) and i’ve said many times the name Cadenza has GOT TO GO!!! Nobody wants a BAD @$$ looking car with a chintzy sounding name! This car’s got what it takes but i’m sorry, a LOT is in a name. K7 K7 K7 K7 K7 K7 K7 K7!!!!

  • jtz

    Ditto what Joshyloft said. The Cadenza just doens’t sound attractive just plan and adverage. The name just doesn’t say sporty or luxury just… well Cadenza. Looking at the car it should end with an O or E. Soemthing masculine. The Kia Amanti could do but it would be better if it had another name and leave that name to the RWD sedan rumored to come out.

  • JG

    Please don’t name it “Cadenza” in the U.S.!

  • Daniel

    I’m not overly fond of the name myself. Kia: please don’t name it Cadenza in Brazil.
    I would love to drive that car, and would probably love to look at it and show it to friends, but i just can’t picture myself telling anyone “I have a Cadenza”. It doesn’t sound well at all.

    But the interior is awesome ! Is there any possibility of publishing the first picture in high resolution? Please?

  • Joey Shields

    when will the Cadenza be available in Canada?