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Intro to Cadenza technology (part 3) February 5th, 2010

By Eon-jae Jeong, Researcher, Safety System Design Team

It seems that these convenience features never end on the Cadenza! For the information here on the blog, though, this is our last installment for the extras you’ll find on our newest vehicle.

Heated Steering Wheel

Driving in wintertime is difficult on many fronts. In particular, exterior materials like metal and glass become cold in low temperature weather. The interior tends to be a bit warmer than the outside but I’m sure many of you will have experienced the discomfort of sitting inside a freezing vehicle.

When a vehicle has been parked outside for a long time in winter, the driver has to deal with an ice-cold steering wheel. The coldness of a steering wheel also tends to linger for a long time even after the heater has been turned on and the cabin temperature has risen.

Cold hands will no longer pose a problem for drivers of the Cadenza. The heated steering wheel features heated pads in the grip part that give off warmth.

Once a driver switches on the heated steering wheel, a battery-operated controller raises the temperature of the heating wires to provide a warm grip for drivers.

In particular, the use of a controller to manage the heating system prevents any sudden changes in temperature of the steering wheel. This ensures a safe and warm driving experience.

So driving with gloves on or while trying to warm freezing hands by rubbing them together will be a thing of the past in winter… that is, of course, when you’re driving a Cadenza!

Stay tuned to find out about Cadenza’s active and passive safety features… but, that will just have to wait until our next post!

※ Editor’s note: Options may differ by region

  • kopee

    The cadenza is a really nice car,with interesting technology and features.How soon is it coming to nigeria?

  • Kopee – Cadenza was introduced in the Middle Eastern region in December at the Dubai Motor Show. Sales of Cadenza are currently available in Nigeria. Please visit your nearest dealer to inquire about its availability.

  • rashid357

    yeah..Cadenza is really a ‘funtastic’ car..when will it make available in Malaysia?..thanks.