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Introducing the Ray, a Unique Box-car for Seoulites November 10th, 2011

Yesterday Kia released images of a new compact vehicle that will be available only in Korea, its home market.
Its name is derived from the English word meaning “a beam of radiant energy or light.” The Ray city car offers practicality, individuality and innovative design in one box-shaped exterior. Don’t be fooled by its small size, the interior is spacious and highly versatile, providing maximized passenger and cargo space.

The Ray’s front features the signature Kia grille with a unique side glass configuration and LED daytime running lights that enhance the vehicle’s aesthetic appeal and distinct character.  Its rear has a wide and stable stance, with sleek LED rear combination lamps and vertical bumper reflectors.

The Ray also has a very convenient sliding door on the passenger side, making it easier for passengers to enter and exit in tight parking spaces (a must in Korea as the parking spaces here are small and narrow) while providing a wide side opening for maximum cargo utility.

What are your thoughts on the Ray? Would you want to see it in your country? Leave your comment below!

  • Andy

    No, thanks… It is so ugly :) Not for Europe…

  • Bizace

    Yeah come to Singapore. Crazy people driving big car in a small city state.

  • Thank you for your feedback, Andy, but I think we have to agree to disagree! Ray has been one of the top search terms in Korean search engine portals when it was launched and people are already generating lots of positive interest in its unique design. Hope you’ll find our other cars more likable though!

  • Nonnymouse

    Quirky, I like quirky! It is vaguely reminiscent of the Nissan Cube. I’d like more information on it before I made up my mind. I still prefer the look of my Soul though.

  • It’s a very cute Korean “K-car”! Here in Hong Kong, K-cars are somehow popular due to their nimbleness and fuel economy. As long as the Ray city car is eligible for “Environment-friendly Petrol Private Car”, I’m sure it’ll rock the market!!
    To add more convenience, it’s even better to have double electric sliding doors on both sides!! In the future, Ray Hybrid or Ray EV may be more promising!!
    All in all, the Ray city car is extremely suitable for a small city like HK!!

  • Hi Kia Fan, thank you for your positive input. We really appreciate feedback from our fans. While the Ray is currently only available for the Korean market, we’ll make sure to take your comments into consideration.

  • Hi Nonnymouse, thanks for your feedback. For more information about the Ray, stay tuned here on Kia Buzz and the Kia Motors worldwide Facebook page at!/Kiamotorsworldwide.
    We’ll keep you posted!

  • Pink banana

    Omg i love this car!!
    Its very cute! I want one!
    And i hope that i can have a baby pink<3