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Introduction to the VG show car (KND-5) design concept June 15th, 2009

By Kia Design Center

Another “Power to Surprise”


The strength and smooth lines of mountain ranges covered in glacial snow served as the inspiration for the exterior of Kia’s latest sedan concept car – codenamed VG (KND-5). Its interior was based on the modern and progressive image conveyed by the ebony and ivory keys of a piano.


The intended target driver of VG (KND-5), and its future production model, is the neotraditional urban DEWK (dually employed with kids) generation that enjoys a future-oriented lifestyle. Reflecting their active attitude toward life, the sedan combines sporty and luxurious styling elements with the latest technologies. Although first unveiled at the 2009 Seoul Motor Show in April, visitors were unable to get a close-up view or look inside the car as it was displayed inside a glass booth.

So Kia Buzzers, here’s an exclusive introduction to the core design elements of our VG(KND-5), Kia’s premium concept car!

High value dynamic sedan with pureness
The long-cabin proportion which offers a perfectly balanced profile, purposeful stance of a sedan and Kia’s dynamic details characterize the exterior of VG (KND-5). The refined surface finish and strong character lines represent Kia’s design philosophy of
“sophistication through simplicity.”


The car features a dynamic window graphic, 20-inch wheels, a panoramic sunroof and a front grille made of a translucent acrylic material that gives it a crystal-like feel as part of Kia’s emotional appeal through design. Other high-end fashion elements showcasing the striking style of Kia’s premium sedan include LED headlamps and rear combination lamps sporting an aggressive design that complement the car’s its white glossy pearl exterior color.


High-tech & high-comfort beyond luxury


The eye-popping interior features a bold color combination of black and white, and a high gloss trim that creates a refined yet ultra-modern feeling. The gloss trimmed center fascia appears to float in the air and adds to the car’s stylish look and feel. The 2+2 leather Alcantara seats and other high-end appointments offer comfort that goes beyond simply a mode of transport.


VG (KND-5) sports the latest technologies to offer a more exhilarating experience to both the driver and passengers. They include the industry’s first 12.3-inch full HD LCD cluster, data conversion type start button and AMOLED 7-inch display (upper part of fascia/ rear seat monitor).

Offering a fresh perspective on near-luxury mid-size sedans, VG (KND-5) will help Kia enhance its innovative brand value. Get ready to be impressed! Our new dynamic sedan will not disappoint.

  • Awesome car!! You’re doing an excelent job!


    That’ it. I already pick out VG as my following car.
    I’m looking forward to waiting this December when VG comes out in Korea. And also there is a good news that KIA MOTORS will quickly launch VG in US market in January, 2010.
    Have a great day!

  • Steve

    What a superbly styled car, this must be put into production as this will be a huge car for KIA. I work for a kia dealership and this is what kia has been waiting for, a premium model to rival saab, lexus, bmw, mazda and many more. Vauxhall insignia eat your heart out. Hopefully kia will listen like they did with the soul and make this concept a reallity. Come on KIA now lets see a sports coupe.

  • Pamela (Korea)

    Kia has remained quite true to its concept models over the years; especially when a feature is well-received by the public. We’ll just have to wait and see what the production version of the VG looks like.

    Steve – It may not be a true sports coupe, but have you seen the Forte Koup? It’s HOT!

  • jtz (Jamayl)

    Nice design in the the headlights. I like how the headlights are design and inside is another design. Just like how the tailights are. And check out the side moldings which stand out. I can see KUE in this on the roof with little change to turn the hatch into a truck. I like the muscles on the design and the back is different it looks like the Kue. Judging by the size, it could be a D or E segment car. Like the Forte name, I’m sure you guys have a sleek name for it. Like the Borrego’s rear comes up from looking at the side, this does the same. I see a lot of raw material in this meaning the price will go up (I hope not). The interior looks like the KND-4. So what segment will this be in?

  • jtz (Jamayl)

    You know this is one amazing car company. You guys started out with one car in the States 15 years ago. Who know 15 years ago you guys would evolve into not only winning awards but making hybrids, diesels and fuelcells. Who knew from the Kia Sephia years, that Kia would hire a designer from Audi. Who knew that from the Sephia years, you guys would come up with a really stylish Koup and being the best at the New York Auto Show. I could go on forever but if I did you guys would stop reading. It amazes me that Kia’s first V8 SUV would have a higher MPG than SUVs that had V8s for generations and not even the Tahoe Hybrid has an MPG as high as the Borrego. This is amazing. I can’t wait until the next Auto Show (whenever that is).

  • I dearly hope the transition to the production model will be smooth. The Soul is a good example and in fact, I even prefer the production model over the concept for that. It must be the Schreyer influence. Haha.

  • Colin

    Hi Jamayl,

    Thanks for your comment and interest in VG concpet (KND-5).
    VG will be in D segment or large size sedan.

    Thank you!

  • Jamayl (Ja-mail)

    When you say large size sedan, do you mean Maxima rival or Altima rival? I know that Camry, Altima, Sonata, Malibu or D segments or midsize sedans. And cars like Chrysler, 300, Avalon, Taurus, Maxima, Amanti, Azera, Accord are large sedans. So is this a Maxima rival or Altima rival? The reason why I ask is because The Amanti and Optima just got facelifts for the new signature grille and uauslly, car manufactors go on selling facelift models for at least 1/1/2 years coming out with a nice sedan like this I’m not sure what segment this falls under if the Amanti is a rival for the Maxima and the Optima is a rival for the Altima. Having the VG sell along with the Amanti would just totally wipe out the Amanti sales. So what segment does the VG fall on?

  • Jamayl (Ja-mail)

    Speaking of the faclifted Optima, did anyone notice the design of the headlights that are underneath the cover were from the Kee and 09′ Optima’s. Just look at them. So the face of Kia isn’t just the grille but also the headlights. Also, look at the Kee’s bumber and the VG’s bumper. They cover up the front tires giving them a sporty and aggressive look at the same time. This is one nice design. I want to see it in black or dark blue. The interior reminds me a little of the KND-4. And specking of the KND-4 I hope that the next generation Sportage gets cues off the tailights. whatever segment this car is in, I hope it’s ready to tackle down the Ford Taurus, Maxima and other performance models. It’s going to need good performance to go with that style.

  • Colin

    Hi, Jamayl.

    I’m very impressed your interest in Kia!

    Yes, you are correct. Optima rivals Camry, Altima, Sonata and so on. The Amanti rivals 300, Maxima, Amanti, Azera, Accord.
    Then what is VG’s segment?
    VG will rival 300, Maxima, Amanti, Azera, and Accord. It means VG will be the next model of the Amanti.
    But this is a case for the U.S. VG’s segment might vary from each country’s circumstance.

    Thank you!

  • jtz

    Thanks Colin. Well the VG must get ready becuase that new Taurus is one tough joker. I think the actually production VG well be revealed in September. I know you guys already came up with a name but you can’t spoil us before any auto shows. Shucks.

  • Haleewood

    Hi KIA…

    I want to start off by saying I am in love with KIA. So in love that I have a sweet design I would love to post up. Its called the KIA “Trinity”. I am pretty sure it will show the world KIA.

    Haleewood Designs

  • Pamela (Korea)

    jtz — It’s fun to be in suspense and keep guessing! You don’t want us to spoil the fun, right?!

  • jtz

    Hmmm, can you give me a hint. What letter will the name start with abcdefighijklmnopqrstuvwxyz. Now I know it’s got to start with one of those. Do I really have to wait until September?

  • Haleewood

    View My concept KIA Trinity

  • Dimietr (Bulgaria)

    Ahh this car is hot. I hope it will come into production soon, and that it will keep most of the Design features on this concept here. I own a 2009 Mohave and i absolutely love it. Owned a Sorento Before and Also loved it. Go go KIA you rock.

  • Samuel

    This one is a beautiful piece. Is that designed by the new Audi-guy?

    If you want to increase market share and build the KIA image you should immediately launch this car not just in the USA but in Europe as well.

  • Pamela (Korea)

    Samuel — Indeed, this model is under the design team of Mr. Peter Schreyer. We like to think of him as the Kia-guy now, though! :)

    Unfortunately, we currently have no plans to launch this vehicle in Europe. It is planned for the US in late 2011 or early 2012.

  • Samuel

    That’s a pity as it seems to be a perfect competitor even to the 5er BMW or the Lexus GS given it will have the build quality plus the interior includes premium materials. Combined with a hybrid powertrain this could discover a new segment for Kia in Europe. I also assume this segment means a higher profitability ratio to what Kia is used to with its current models.

  • Only just found this blog, but I’m loving it already, keep up the quality posts.

  • This is one of the hottest Car by Kia for sure

  • jtz (Forte Owner in the US)

    Ok, I’m a little sad. I thought this was going to be at the Frankfurt Auto Show? How long is the wait?

  • This thing looks like a BMW more than a kia – very nice show car!

  • That’s a luxury car at a Kia price. Nice!

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  • Fidel Schlimmer

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  • That’s a pity as it seems to be a perfect competitor even to the 5er BMW or the Lexus GS given it will have the build quality plus the interior includes premium materials. Combined with a hybrid powertrain this could discover a new segment for Kia in Europe. I also assume this segment means a higher profitability ratio to what Kia is used to with its current models.

  • Amine-mes-96

    kia Is the best because they produced a new car designs modern but the first generation of Kia vehicles was not excellent, but the last generation was such a wonderful Picanto…