Jammin’ with Peter Schreyer September 17th, 2008

By Michael Choo
International PR Deputy General Manager

For those of you who may be curious about what our Chief Design Officer, Peter Schreyer, enjoys to do during his downtime when working in Korea, I hope you enjoy these photos. Here is Peter playing the bass, a childhood pastime of his, at a local live club in Seoul. If you’re wondering, Peter filled in with the house band and did a blues jam set with a little Jimi Hendrix sprinkled in.

playing bass

playing bass

  • Jaslag

    I salute him. He really rocks. May be this is what inspires him for new designs!

  • Pamela Munoz (a Canadian in Korea)

    Peter looks like he’s having a great time!! I’m sorry I missed that – count me in on the next outing.

  • I want a Kia KOUP! Make it have a SUPER HIGH POWER engine, equal length driveshafts and a 6-speed pls. It must be equal or better than a Golf GTi.

  • Ulrike Hager

    Oh I am so glad you posted those ;-) Thank you

  • Judging by your cars, I already suspected that Kia people were actual cool people in their spare time! Good stuff!

  • What looks REALLY cool is the jacket…. is that a velvet smoking jacket?!

  • gary

    Did he play jimmy Handrix? that’s so cool~!
    It’s good that cool people make cool automobles. wow~!

  • Thanks for the review!

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  • K7

    Do you know Peter Schreyer’s email address?If you know please contact me through I am currently preparing to become a car designer and I’ve got a idea for Kia and I also want advices as well. If you know please contact me.Thank you..^^

  • Budzhalolessons

    did you ever get an email address?

  • Ce M.

    hey, if u did get peter’s adress, could send it me, too? PLEASE, i’m preparing another idea for KIA and i also would like to know Peter’s opinion. Thank you very much. My e-mail:


    if there is anyway peter can hear me or take our opinions on the kia gt i just want to say PLEASE KEEP THE 390 HP 395 TORQ THIS IS WAT WILL MAKE THE GT A GT..IF IT DOESNT HAVE GOOD POWER I WILL NOT BUY AND I DOUBT IF ANYONE LIKING THE CONCEPT WILL



  • 10ztd

    figured sleeker tail lamps…!