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July Kia Fan Photos of the Month July 25th, 2013

We are officially in summer mode, which means vacation season. How are our Buzz readers out there spending their summer vacation? Maybe you’d like to visit some of the destinations featured in July’s edition of Kia Fan Photos of the Month below – enjoy!

Gary from Malaysia here. A friend of mine took this picture of our Sorentos while off-roading.

Gary, we noticed you’re quite the adventure seeker. Where do you go off-roading and how’s your Sorento on this terrain? Keep up the fun and have an awesome ride in your Sorento! You might also enjoy this post about one Sorento off-roader’s adventure that took him on an ultimate road trip from Poland to Korea.

Hi my name is Sal from New York. Here’s my 2010 Kia Forte Koup SX. As you can see, I changed it up a bit just to my liking. It’s a hit at every car show and people are amazed by it. It’s now 300whp. I couldn’t do it without my teammates at team TRI-C. The best part of my Kia? It drives like a dream!

Hey Sal, we’re glad to know your 2010 Forte Koup SX drives like a dream! Great job on customizing your Forte, it sure is a head turner. Do you happen to participate on the online community? Be sure to tell us more about your group and keep turning heads! In fact, you may have to start recommending good massage therapists for onlookers straining to catch a double take as you zoom by!

This anonymous fan not only left us with this snapshot their pro_cee’d GT, but only included a cute smiley face for us to ponder about this mystery fan. If your information was omitted by accident then be sure to tell us more about yourself in the comments section when you see this post because that beaming headlight of yours grabbed our attention. But if you’re a member of the Justice League then we totally understand – super hero secret identities and all.

My name is Kyle Harriss. I’m from Ontario, Canada. I live up North in a small place called Muskoka. It’s 2 hours north of Toronto. I have a 2011 Kia Forte Koup Turbo’d. It’s the first 6 sod auto Turbo in North America or even in the world. It’s pushing 326/311 HP/TQ and its GOES lol. I have done so much more including coilovers, 3″ turboback exhaust tune, updated quad projectors for headlights, IPad mini for interior and much more.

Hey Kyle, we got to check it out ourselves because your Forte Koup Turbo’d also looks amazing! We can see there are some talents out there when it comes to customizing and glad to know you had some helping hands creating this beauty. Very impressive – next time when you get a chance, why don’t you share some photos of its interior? Have fun riding this one!

Hello! I am Yaung of Cebu City, Philippines. I am an Automotive Wiring Harness Engineer. Here is a photo of my Rio with a nickname “Kiara”. Kiara is our adventurous companion. This photo is taken during our road trip to Badian, southern part of Cebu. I love taking my Rio for a long drive since it is fun to drive, especially turning corners.

Hey Yaung from the beautiful Cebu City of the Philippines! Automotive wiring harness engineer, eh? Then “Kiara” must be in good hands then! We know what you mean by the Rio being fun to drive. Please share more photos of “Kiara” from your next road trip!

This wraps up this edition of Kia Fan Photo of the Month. If you haven’t submitted yet, then be sure to use of this opportunity to share your own Kia here!

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