June Kia Fan Photos of the Month June 18th, 2013

We’ve got some screensaver-worthy photos from this month’s submissions! It looks like Kia owners out there have some photography skills because these shots just keep getting better and better. Let’s take a look at this month’s rides.

Hello! My name is Erick and this is my 2006 Kia Rio. I live in Dallas, Texas where many Kia meets are organized by me, including last year’s US Streetkiaz National Event. Many modifications are done to my Rio, but the outside body remains the same – since I really love it.

Erick, did you have a Hollywood lighting crew set up this shot or is that electric blue Rio just shining in all its glory? Awesome looking ride, we’re still working on an upcoming posting covering StreetKiaz- stay tuned! In the mean time you might like this post on the design transformation of the Rio.

Greetings Kia fans, I’m Jacky from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. I humbly present you the Kia Forte NEFD team. We originate from different backgrounds and bumped into each other (Jacky, we hope not literally – Kia Buzz). We are not only sharing our interests and expertise on our beloved Fortes’, but we also style them up and shine together!

Hey Jacky, we’re curious – what does NEFD stand for? We’re happy to know you guys have formed relationships around your Fortes. We haven’t met you guys, but you sound like a fun group to hang out with. Keep shining those Fortes!

Hi! I’m Farhad Kiaei, I went to one of the hardest off roads of Alborz Mountain range with my Sorento, and I was really excited when I drove it.Take a look!

Farhad, your Sorento in the Alborz Mountains looks so graceful, it’s like the ‘Bliss’ Windows XP desktop theme brought to life! You got us daydreaming about taking a Kia Sorento off on a majestic ride. Thanks for the great photos and keep sharing. If you want to see an extreme Sorento off-road journey –check out this drive from Poland to Korea by this owner!

We are from Kia Club HK, and we got many fans here!

 Hey guys, thanks for the shout out from Kia Club Hong Kong! Your Picantos are striking some provocative poses! Please tell us more about your community and we can possibly feature you guys in a future post! Be sure to check out this Picanto Club in Indonesia.

Greetings from Bali! I’m Yudhi, and here’s my Rio. It’s striking a pose after a climb up the cliff next to the beach.


As we sit here in our office on a rainy monsoon afternoon, you just gave us a paradise to mentally escape to. This really is a great photo! Your Rio is extremely photogenic and looks like a tiger about to pounce. Thanks for sharing Yudhi!

This wraps up June’s fan photos, but be sure to keep checking in with us to see if your Kia makes the list in the future. Also if you still haven’t submitted your Kia, do it now:

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