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K9 teasers highlight advanced features and technology new to Kia April 25th, 2012

We’re only one week away from the official Korean market launch of the Kia K9, our new flagship luxury sedan (export name yet to be announced). The anticipation is reaching a fever pitch here at Kia’s global headquarters in Seoul, Korea, especially with our domestic launch team teasing the local market with videos calling out special features and technology new to Kia.

We’ve embedded a few videos below, and even though the captions are in Korean, you can still get a good grasp of the advanced new features. Check them out, and be sure to let us know what you think.

Head-up Display and Blind Spot Detection

Adaptive Full LED Headlights

The two videos below feature our new adaptive full LED headlights, which are comprised of 16 individual LEDs that bend and adjust automatically to changes in steering, car speed and road incline.

What do you think?

Would you like to take the K9 for a test drive?

Overseas Market Name – Got any ideas?

The model name for overseas markets is yet to be announced, but we’re curious to hear some name suggestions from our Kia-Buzz readers out there. Tell us your thoughts in the comments section below.

Learn More

Check out our previous BUZZ posting, “Peter Schreyer sketches the design elements that define a luxury sedan – Kia K9 to learn about the design philosophy behind the K9.

For more images of the K9, check out our Flickr gallery.

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