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Dae Jung Kim By Curtis (C.G.) Sang
Overseas Service Group

The global auto market is undergoing rapid changes while customer demands have become more diversified and competition more heated. In particular, with the narrowing gap in commercial value and quality between carmakers, customer service is emerging as a key competitive trait.

Kia Motors has been steadfastly pursuing a customer-first strategy of service based on trust and responsibility. The company is offering customers around the world a singular style of service designed after its service philosophy called, ‘Family-like Care.’

So what exactly is ‘Family-like Care’ service?
It is our commitment and promise to all Kia customers by pursuing:
1) Thoughtful service, like how I treat my own family
2) Emotional service, which comes from the heart
3) Trustworthy service, to make life-long customers

In sum, we will develop a service identity unique to Kia in order to provide customers with the same dedication, caring and dependability that is given to family members.

Currently, the worldwide Kia service network is pursuing an innovative campaign called ‘Family-like Care’ to realize unrivalled customer service and satisfaction.

Through the campaign, Kia network employees will serve customers under the following motto:

1) Treat customers as a family member.
2) Carry out your responsibilities to the fullest.
3) Provide exceptional service.

Customers around the world will be able to experience Kia’s personable and considerate service through the ‘Family-Like Care’ campaign at all Kia service network points.

We hope you get a chance to experience the new and improved Kia-brand of service at your nearest dealer!

  • Tuyet Osswald

    Hey thanks so much for doing writing this content greatly appreciated!

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  • what is groupon

    Cheers to you and your space! This is exactly the kind of inspiration people require. This is what gets people excited.

  • Fuel Cards

    Well, looks like a lot of positive changes are taking place at Kia. Hopefully, we will have better things to see and hear in coming months.

  • José Muñoz

    If I have a complaint about the Family-like care program in Peru … To what email address I have to write to???