Kia ad one of Brazil’s top 10 most memorable commercials October 20th, 2009

Juliana LopesBy Juliana Lopes
Press Officer
Kia Motors do Brasil

For the first time in Kia Motors do Brazil’s 17-year history in the market, we were featured in Meio & Mensagem magazine for having one of the country’s top commercials. The article mentioned a study, entitled “Remembrance of Brands in TV Advertising,” conducted by the Institute Datafolha in Sao Paulo where Kia Motors’ 30-second spot placed among the top 10 most memorable ads.

The study also listed such brands as Coca-Cola and Casas Bahia, the country’s leading online shopping network. The survey reviewed the Kia Soul advertisement, which explains the design elements of the newest cross-over vehicle launched in Brazil earlier this year.

We have provided a copy of the commercial below for our Kia BUZZ bloggers with added English subtitles. We hope you enjoy the ad and would love to know what you think! In the meantime, our team in Brazil will continue to expand Kia’s popularity in its upcoming product line-up with the help of great commercials like this one. Obrigada!

  • Legnd of Kia

    Wow~ It is a little different from “Soul” advertisement in Korea. Each of them has a different point.. but I prefer Korea advertisment!! It is more interesting because of the music and special naration~ Anyway I’m so proud of that Kia fight well in Russia~ ^^

  • Wow ! great info, i have bookmarked ur site and i’ll be back again and again ! Many thanks buddy :)