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Kia at the 2009 Frankfurt Motor Show September 16th, 2009

Pamela A. MunozBy Pamela A. Munoz
Overseas Communication Team

There were a number of new showings from Kia at the Frankfurt Motor Show this year, one of which was the new Kia Venga for the European market.  We know not everyone could make it to the show, so, with the power of technology, we’ve made it possible for you to feel a part of the action and the showcased premieres in Frankfurt.

At Kia’s press conference at 1PM, yesterday afternoon, Kia Motors Europe Chief Operating Officer, Paul Philpott introduced Kia’s vision for the future along with the new look cee’d and all-new Sorento.  He then gave way to Chief Design Officer Peter Schreyer for the world premiere of Kia Venga.  A clip of yesterday’s press conference is below.  Enjoy!

Now… we want to know what you think!  How do you feel about our exciting new Kia Venga and its place within the existing Kia line-up.  As always, we look forward to your comments.

  • HyundaiSmoke

    When are you guys going to show the No.2 Concept (Rio)? Like I said many times before, Bring the Venga to the US as a Rio 5 and sell your No.2 Concept as the base model.

    Why are you guys trying to shrink the Rio? That will be bad for Sales. Just look at the huge B-segments your competitors are building for American sale.

  • Attaboy

    The Venga is very nice but when Kia Motors said “no plan to export to america” , I think Kia is wrong, Honda is making a hit in USA and in particular in Canada with a similar car the Honda Fit.
    Hope to see this car (Venga) in north america!

  • James

    I love the look of the Venga, and wish that it were coming to the US!

  • HyundaiSmoke

    The Interior of the Venga seems more like an American KIA and not Euro KIA.