Kia Automobiles Top the Brand Loyalty Chart October 27th, 2011

How does an auto company know when it’s winning the hearts of drivers? When customers are so satisfied with the brand, they stick to it.

It seems Kia Motors has succeeded in capturing loyalty from fickle and proud automobile drivers. According to Experian Automotive’s quarterly industry loyalty studies, Kia Motors topped the results as the highest individual brand loyalty ranking in USA, with a whopping 47.9 percent. This means that 47.9 percent of Kia automobile owners purchased another Kia model during the last quarter.

“Kia has been gaining a strong and loyal customer based on improving vehicle styling and quality,” explained Jeffrey Anderson, a director of consulting and analytics for Experian Automotive. Experian Automotive uses the North American Vehicle Database to track vehicle ownership and purchase activity which provides insight into industry loyalty studies at the corporate, brand and model levels.

So can you guess which three Kia models made it into the top 10 list of vehicles with the highest brand loyalty?

The very first on the list is none other than the Kia Forte (known as Cerato in some countries) compact sedan, which received the highest loyalty ranking with 67.7 percent. GM’s very popular Chevy Cruze came in second with 64 percent.

Other Kia gems, the Soul urban and the Forte Koup were not too far behind with 59.3 percent and 56.4 percent, respectively.

What’s Kia’s secret behind this amazing success?

“Kia has been going through a transformation offering nine new vehicles with distinctive Kia design that speak to customers as a smart choice. Kia cars are efficient and affordable, yet you never sacrifice good style and performance,” said Michael Sprague, Kia Motors America vice president.

Do you agree with Michael? What’s your reason for purchasing Kia vehicles and would you be willing to be part of a worldwide loyal Kia fans? :-)

  • KIA has indeed come quite a way during the last years, especially image-wise. In Germany, the Pride, Clarus and Sephia were mocked “bargain bin cars” when KIA started distribution through a chain of general stores. There was nothing wrong with the cars themselves, though. I remember my parents visiting the local car dealer where my father had already been a customer for more than ten years, back in 1998. Opel, Lada and – brand new – KIA. He saw the facelifted Clarus GLX wagon, had a look at the price tag and the car was sold. For less than what had been about € 20’000 in 1998, the Clarus was a good deal. It was comfortable and spacious, had a big trunk, a/c and a CD-radio. Build quality was good but not premium, of course. My father really liked it and so did I when I got my driver’s licence seven years later. Since then, I’ve also owned a 2005 Picanto/Morning without any serious hassle until today. Low insurance rate and tax, mileage is okay, built quality has a few quirks: rattling side windows when not fully closed and you really need to be carefull not to scratch the plastic dasboard and panels. That being put aside, I see no reason to buy a different car at the moment. I would not want to drive something bigger every day in a crowded city and if there is something bigger to transport, I just fold down the rear seats. My Picanto has been reliable and there were only a hundful situations where I had wished for more than 65 DIN-hp. Nope, the Picanto is a very good choice for single students like me. ;-) I’d even say that KIA offers even bigger value today since overall quality has made a huge step forwards.

  • Hello Chrischan, it’s nice to meet such a huge Kia fan! We are happy that you are satisfied with Picanto as it is one of our new models that we are very proud of. Thank you for your feedback on the dashboard panels and we’ll make sure this is shared internally. Hope you enjoy Picanto for a long time! : )

  • Michael Tucker

    Kia offers very good quality cars at great value. Some are put off by a low brand perception but our family has owned a Sorento for the last 4 years and it has never skipped a beat. I’ll be purchasing the 2012 Sportage next month and can’t wait to take it everywhere with me!

  • Hello Michael Tucker, thank you for your interest in Kia! Kia is currently on the path to transform itself with its design driven progress. We are excited to engage with customers and provide them with high quality cars with exceptional yet authentic Kia design. Thank you and hope you enjoy the Sportage!