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Kia Brand Mash Up with Pop Artist Tae-Joong Kim October 11th, 2013


Artist’s expression of a Kia pro_cee’d cap


Kia like many automobile brands around the world has a merchandise collection of various items including hats, t-shirts and tumblers. However, Kia sought to go beyond the standard coffee mug and corporate logo, and reached out to an artist with a unique flair for fun and creativity to help express our brand’s character.

Kia collaborated with pop-artist, Kim Tae-Joong, whose diverse background in various fields such as fashion and advertising came together to help with our latest Kia Collection. It’s seasoned with his unique sense of style and color to express Kia’s Brand Identity.

Design Concept 

To parallel Kia’s active and young-at-heart image, the pop artist worked off of Kia known to express this appeal including the Soul, pro_cee’d, Sorento and GDI engine and adds his twist and own interpretation with his unique art style using color that stands out and combination of continuous shapes and forms to define “A Different Beat.”

The design is a combination of separate images to portray active and young movements and unify them into one motion. This collaboration is not a simple image, but rather, the fragments of each image are a result of a combination of the artists’ unique, unconscious expressions, integrated to create art.

About the artist

Tae-Joong Kim is characteristically known for his sensitive paintings with bright standout colors and witty forms. Most of his works are completed with a variety of acrylic paints that he creates himself by mixing the pigments directly on the canvas. He delicately reflects the composition and linear quality of the print in his painting, blurring the boundary between genres. This unique, unconventional composition becomes the hallmark of his style.


Below is a sample of his Kia Collection artworks that were featured at the Frankfurt Motor Show.


Check out more pictures of artistic expressions with Kia.
 Picanto Nail Art

Kia Soul Graffiti Art by street artist Hense

Artist Young-Geun Jun painting in his series on comuting


Fashion designer Nora Noh inspired Kia Soul


Items featuring artist Tae-Joong Kim’s work will be available in early 2014. Stay tuned for more updates. Until then, you can learn more about Kia’s past collaborations with artists by visiting the following postings:


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