Kia BUZZ is Two Today! September 3rd, 2009

Mr.LeeBy Hyoung-Keun (hank) Lee
Kia Motors Corporation

Congratulations Kia BUZZ on your second birthday! It feels like just yesterday that we celebrated its launch on September 3, 2007.

Kia BUZZ debuted as the first blog introduced by a Korean company targeting a global audience. It was hailed as a model example of corporate communication and attracted attention from media sources and bloggers around the world. Today, Kia BUZZ is visited by bloggers from 170 countries. I thank the visitors, Kia bloggers and the Kia BUZZ team for their interest and effort in continue the dialogue on this platform.

These days I start off each day at the office by reading Kia BUZZ, along with several other auto industry blogs. Catching up on all the diverse news and posts from Kia headquarters and our overseas subsidiaries, as well as the comments left by bloggers, inspires me and gives me valuable insight into what we can do to improve on our products and business.

Over the past two years, I have witnessed Kia BUZZ grow beyond a global communication hub for Kia that is visited by bloggers, industry insiders and customers around the world. Instead, I feel BUZZ is a channel for dialogue that allows us to listen to the honest voices of bloggers, consumers, drivers and fans.

One of the voices we’ve heard is the importance of hybrid technology. This is indeed a topic currently challenging the auto industry as governments around the world announce plans to tighten environmental regulations. Kia has devoted years of R&D into eco-friendly cars that cater to both environmental and customer needs – and have an R&D facility dedicated only to Earth-friendly technology. The first product of those efforts is the recently unveiled Cerato (Forte) LPI Hybrid.

We’ve also heard over the years that Kia needs great designs and improved quality. I like to think that our Innovative designs and improvements in quality have fueled our makeover and Kia is currently enjoying worldwide popularity with vehicles like the new Soul, Cerato (Forte), cee’d and Sorento. There is also great anticipation around the European B-segment MPV, Venga, that will soon be fully revealed at the Frankfurt Motor Show later this month.

Let me take this opportunity to thank all of Kia’s employees who have worked tirelessly at sales points, R&D centers and plants, as well as the customers and bloggers who supported us along the way with messages of encouragement through this blog.

In a world where change is the only constant, the keywords for businesses are “conversation” and “engagement.” This is true not only for automakers but for most companies in general- to build mutual trust and loyalty between them and their customers amid unforeseeable changes in economic, social and cultural environments.

As such, I hope that Kia BUZZ will continue to bring you all the information you want and need on our activities around the world, but also shed light on the latest trends in the industry. We will always be open to your opinions and advice at Kia and through Kia BUZZ.

Happy birthday, Kia BUZZ!

  • Happy B-Day Kia BUZZ!!

  • Boris

    Congratulations! This blog was a really good way of reaching out to your fans and helping consumers and fans get right in touch with Kia main.

    The optima and carens in the UAE have a 2.0L 4cyl engine as opposed to the 2.4 used in US models. I would like to know if 2.0L is from the thetaII engine range or if its another model. also, it would be really good to have the competitive 2.4 in this market.

  • Scott Kolodchak

    If you read all the buzz, there is a demand for a Hybrid Minivan. Why is it that no companies offer a Hybrid Minivan for sale in the U.S.? From all the research out there it would have the lead marketshare within the first year of sales. If Auto Companies are truly concerned about the environment AND lagging sales from the Economy, why not offer this almost guaranteed best seller?

  • Colin

    Thanks, Himi!

  • Colin

    Regarding to your question, you are right. 2.0L 4-cylinder engine is Theta 2 engine. And we are considering introducing 2.4L Theta 2 engine in Middle East countries in near future.

  • Colin

    Hi Scott,

    Thanks for your comments and suggestion.
    We at Kia consider the full range of vehicle segments in our line-up as candidates for future commecialized hybrid vehicles, but as of now we have no plans to introduce a hybrid version of a minivan.

  • Alexey Drozdov, Russia

    My congratulations!

    This blog bring KIA brand much closer to customers.

    It’s first place, were i can talk with real engineers and managers. Of course it is big pleasure for me.

    Thank you for blog!
    Thank you for vehicles!

  • Colin

    Thanks, Alexey!

    We always appreciate our bloggers’ ideas and opinions. Please have fun and we look forward to future comments you’d like to share about Kia BUZZ or our products


  • Sanjoy Mitra

    Just about to buy a Kia Rondo here in Canada… and thanks for bringing this car to market here in CDA… am switching from a ford escape (2009) largely as this car has carry 7 person capability and is urban friendly…
    1 thing you guys missed, all of the ex v6 luxury items should be made available in the ex premium model. The price point should reflect the power train upgrade, 5 speed tranny would give the theta II engine (the inline 4 on the ex premium I refer to) enough breathing space to give better fuel economy.. this would simply knock the Mazda5 out of the water… really like what you guys are doing.. would never have bought a Korean car.. but you seem to be the only company that actually listens to its clients/consumers… and that speaks volumes.


  • Concha Espinosa (España)


    Congratualations, I always read this page and feel the pride to be a kia member, how ever, why dont write in spanish for one time?

    Thank for this site

  • Pamela (at Kia HQ in Seoul)

    Hola Concha ~ Gracias por su mensaje. Nos gustaría escribir en español, o en otros idiomas, pero hemos tomado la decisión de escribir solo en ingles en este blog para poder ser más accesible a nuestros clientes de varios países. Aún, comentarios en otros idiomas son bienvenidos!

    Mas informacion sobre Kia BUZZ aqui:

    Hello Concha ~ Thank you for your message. We would like to write in Spanish, or in other languages, but we have made the decision to write in English for this blog to be more accessible to clients from around the world. However, comments in other languages are welcome!

    For more information on the Kia BUZZ, please visit:

  • Can you tow a 2011 sportage behind a Motor home , Dealer said Yes ! want to confirm with someone Please someone give me an answer ?? Thanks Camper-Paul

  • Ivan Silifonkin

    Now I am the owner of the car KIA Spectra 4D (03MY ~), produced by “IzhAvto, the 2007 model year, mileage 42,670 kms. Recently replaced timing belt and rollers the belt. The original belt was covered in cracks on the outside and videos published extraneous sounds. The original timing belt stood firm “BANDO” # 24312-2X000. I replaced the strap of their “GATES” # 5667XS and rollers “INA”. Replacement of the regulations was scheduled to 45000 km (for Russia, but previously KIA MOTORS give a guarantee for the same belt 90000 km) is to be hoped that more surprises I can not make my car .. I’m a big fan of the brand and model KIA Spectra. I would like to examine in more detail the story of the creation of this model, see pictures of the developers and the machine itself at various stages of design and simulation. I would be very grateful. Thank you.

  • anthony brooker

    i need a list of kia dealers in poland kia motors gb are being less than helpfull

  • Dear sirs, I am a Car Journalist in my country. Please, I request kindly a brochure about Cadenza , Optima and Certo models. Catalogs in paper have many importance here, no website. You can send by normal mail, no courier please because the tax are high.

    Javier Suàrez Salazar
    Cronista de Automòviles
    Casilla de Correos 3984
    La Paz – Bolivia
    Sud America

  • Any chance I could get a list of KIA dealers in the UK or where to find one?

  • mario g. rivas a.

    deseo saber los precios de los autos kya, e agradan y concesionarioas en el peru de la arca kya. gracias



  • Edgar Costilla

    I  want van 15 ó 17 pasangers

  • Kenneth Penny

    I bought a 2007 Optima in 2010, used. I have been very impressed with the Optima and would recomend it to anyone. I only wish I could afford to upgrade to a SUV. I also like the fact that KIA is being manufactured in the U.S.

  • Serafin

    Greetings, I recently learned that the company is marketing the brand indu MAHINDRA, I wonder if they are available in Colombia’s XUV500 price because I can buy it