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Kia Buzz reminisces about past concept cars – Part 1: KCV Series September 11th, 2013

Concept cars are made to showcase new styles and technology that will gauge consumer and media reactions. And with all the excitement over the Kia Niro concept at Frankfurt Motor Show, the Kia Buzz team is feeling a little nostalgic for past motor show concepts. Let’s go back in time and take a closer look into Kia’s love affair with concept cars. We are going to start this trip down memory lane with our KCV concept series and work our way up.

2003: KCV-3

Kia designed the KCV-3 convertible coupe to show how powerful emotions, the cyber-style artistic movement and dream-world computer fantasies, can be combined together and expressed in automotive terms.

This next-generation compact convertible coupe is fun to drive with a modern sporty look.

The front radiator grille was designed to suggest an airplane-like air-intake

The interior has a free style with an asymmetric right and left structure

The coupe has a 4 passenger seat arrangement with an electronic stability program, telematics, in dash DVD and MP3 player, advanced airbags and active headrests.

Electric hardtop: Do you prefer the car with the hood up or down?

The back is wider and more stable and creates a sense of volume to both sides while stressing simplicity

Initial design sketch:  Dynamic and modern European image – powerful, sleek and edgy

Initial design sketch: Bright key colors emphasize a high-class feelings and simplicity with a voluminous body design

2004 Mojave (KCV-4) Pick-up concept

The 2004 Kia KCV-4 Mojave concept was a creative styling exercise to tackle the compact pick-up truck segment. Judging from the name, you might have guessed  that this concept, along with a later concept called the Kia Mesa, helped inspire styling cues that led to the production of the actual Kia Mohave (with an ‘H’).  There were two reasons why the KCV-4 was named “Mojave.”

  1. Mojave represents the ruggedness and beauty of the spectacular American Southwest.
  2. Mojave also represents a geographic location, Mojave Desert, near California City, CA, where the Kia and Hyundai North American R&D center is located.

The KCV-4 pursues utility with an ample trunk and a soft, but bold style. A strong and simple design was chosen to meet the needs of North American customers.

Cyberspace-like interior for X and Y generations with an advanced image created by aluminum and plastic materials

Pleasant lines and side design with volume, something not found in traditional compact pickups.

Do you hope to see Kia producing passenger pick-up trucks in the future?

Stay tuned for more Kia concepts in the series!

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