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Kia Buzz Staff Picks for Top 5 Driving Films November 12th, 2012

Hollywood chase scenes with hairpin turns and pedal-to-the-metal action have the tendency to ignite the passion to just get out and drive! (Safely of course) Today on Kia-Buzz, we’re going to share some of our staff’s picks for ‘Top 5 Driving Films.’ Now before any film critics out there scream, ‘What the Picanto?!’ at some of these choices, please feel free to share any films we missed, especially the classics. Now let’s start the countdown.

5. Gone in 60 Seconds (2000)

When Nicolas Cage was driving his ride backwards in the streets of Long Beach, it was the definition of ‘awesome.’ Aside from the heart pumping chase scenes–this film gives a firsthand look at the performance potential of all types of vehicles, since frankly speaking, it’s about stealing cars very fast, which is not a very nice and legal thing to do by-the-way, so don’t do it!

4. Transporter 2 (2005)

Transporter is the ultimate driving enthusiast’s fantasy and shows off action star Jason Statham’s impressive driving skills (actually his stuntman’s). The action sequences in the film have a tendency to be over-the-top, but nevertheless it’s very fun to watch.

3. Batman (1989)

The Batmobile captured the imagination of every child and adult alike with its sleek, sensuous and menacing features. Did you know it was actually built on top of a Chevrolet Impala? Recently for DC Entertainment’s ‘We Can Be Heroes’ charity campaign – West Coast Customs built a Batman inspired Kia Optima.

Whatever vehicle it may be, it’s hands down one of the coolest looking rides.

2. The Fast and The Furious: Tokyo Drift (2006)

Many of you probably felt a “Fast and the Furious” coming on this list, but out of the whole franchise, we felt “Tokyo Drift,” really added some style to the series, by mixing fast cars, drift racing, exotic terrain and adrenaline pumped racing scenes.

1. Drive (2011)

At number one on the list is Drive. This independent film is about a lonesome mechanic with an interesting side job – a wheel man for getaway heists. Despite his unlawful career choice we can’t help but noticing his sensitive side, which sets him apart from the bad guys. He seems invincible on the Los Angeles streets, but what happens when he takes on a job that he just can’t get away from? Watch it and tell us what you think.

We hope you enjoyed our choices for the ‘Top 5 Driving Films.’ Did you know that Kia vehicles are also making their way into films?

What do you think?

These are some of our staff’s favorite car films, but what other films do you think should have made our list? Tell is in the comments section below.

  • Steve Kosowski

    Whaaa? No way. What about Bullit? What about Ronin? What about LeMans? What about The Man With the Golden Gun?