Kia Drive Change: The campaign story October 15th, 2010

After given the challenge to create a new Brand positioning for Kia Canada, David & Goliath Toronto and Innocean Worldwide Canada, found two words that do it perfectly: drive and change. Each word stands for something inherent to Kia, but together they stand for exactly what the company is doing.

Kia is driving change and doing it faster than any other automotive manufacturer. (They came from humble beginnings making bicycles in 1952, a mere 58 years ago.) All you need to do is look at the design and quality story surrounding the vehicles they’re making today. Of course, the change doesn’t stop there. Kia is also driven to make the world around them better. They realize that, despite being a carmaker quickly climbing their way to the top, they’re living in the same world everyone else is and they care about the same things everyone else does, too.

“Naturally, if ‘Drive Change’ is what we are preaching, our approach to how we advertised Kia vehicles had to change as well.” Says Israel Diaz, Executive Creative Director, David & Goliath, Toronto. “This thinking took us down a different road and, when we thought about the changes Kia is making to their vehicles, it made sense to use them as ‘vehicles of change’. Our aim is to always bring the new positioning to life of ‘Drive Change’ (in a tangible and real way) to consumers,” continues Diaz.

A YouTube channel was created, featuring all the films as well as a Facebook account where people can interact with the brand.
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Completed campaign credits are posted here along with a selection of stills:

Kia Drive Change: Manifesto

The campaign began with a :60 manifesto spot “Drive and Change”, which launched the new positioning.

Kia Drive change: Court

The first “Drive Change” act was to rebuild a basketball court for Second Base Youth Shelter in Scarborough. The Kia Soul was used to bring people and materials together.

Behind Kia Drive Change: Court

At the same time, the story behind the Court change was captured highlighting what it meant to the teens and workers at the shelter.

Kia Drive change: Garden

Next, Kia drove change to the residents living at the Gilder Drive location of Toronto Community Housing. They’ve been waiting for four years to build a sustainable community garden. The Kia Sorento was used to bring people and material there.

Behind Kia Drive change: Garden

While that happened, the story behind that change, and what it means long term to the community, was captured in this film.

The Kia Sportage Drive Change Story

To launch one of Kia’s flagship vehicles, the new 2011 Kia Sportage, Kia drove change to a family that really needed help. A :30 television commercial led people to the web for the full story which you can view via the link below.

  • Wawooo Great Job,and espacially The kia Sportage,Drive Change Story.

  • JG

    I like this ad campaign better than what what Kia USA is doing. If you look at the new ad for the USA Sportage, for example, it’s rather uninspired and doesn’t leave a lasting impression. The Kia Canada ads are much better.

    It seems Kia USA want to leave behind the “fun” image they used for the Soul and Sorento in favor of a more “conservative” tone. I believe it’s a mistake and leave Kia devoid of personality.

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