Kia Exclusive Report: Spotted! December 24th, 2008

By Kia BUZZ editorial team

This just in, folks… Santa Claus was spotted this Christmas Eve taking a joy ride in his brand new Christmas Soul. It turns out the urban crossover is more than just for city driving. It looks like he left his reindeer at home for this quick spin around Kia headquarters in Seoul but will be back at the North Pole in time for his journey around the world later tonight.

Drive safely, Santa… we look forward to a Soulful Christmas this year.

Happy Holidays, everyone!

  • Patrick

    lol my brother and i were out christmas shopping and we saw a hyundai sonata with reindeer horns and then saw a kia rio with the same horns on and we were like “maybe santa got sponsored by hyundai-kia!” lol!

  • UGkYAR Thanks for good post