Kia Fan Fest for EURO 2008™ June 27th, 2008

By Dong Il Kim
Sports Marketing Assistant Manager
Kia Motors Corporation

With the start of the UEFA EURO 2008™ championship, Kia Motors, a major sponsor of the event, has started a great party! The giant Kia Fan Fest was designed to gather crowds of football fans and boost their enthusiasm towards their teams. Kia Motors is actively promoting the company brand at all its Kia Fan Fest sites which are set up in Germany, Poland, Spain and Croatia in cooperation with the municipal governments in four cities in Germany (Frankfurt, Hamburg, Dortmund and Dresden), Spain (Madrid), Poland (Warsaw) and Croatia (Zagreb).

Kia Fan Fest in Poland

The Kia Fan Fest opened on June 7 and will be there until the 29th featuring a 30-square-meter TV display screen and a freely-accessible grandstand, providing an ultimate meeting place for one of the best EURO 2008 experiences Kia football fans can have!


The site also presents the festive mood by hosting special events and corners such as mini football games, photo zone with the Euro 2008 mascot, and distributing various cheering paraphernalia branded with the Kia logo. We hope that our efforts will effectively convey an image of a young and dynamic Kia Motors brand in conjunction with the football fever that has currently gripped Europe.

Kia Booth

The accumulated number of visitors at Kia Fan Fest, from the opening day of Euro 2008 up until the end of the quarter-finals, was 1.1 million in Germany; 300,000 in Spain, and 150,000 in Poland and Croatia. This means that so far, a total of 1.55 people have taken part in the Kia Fan Fest.

The final match of the EURO 2008™ is just steps away, and the football fever will reach its peak, especially in Germany and Spain. And Kia will be there, ready for it. If you are anywhere near the site, check it out and be part of the biggest football event in Europe!

Fan Fest in Spain

Fan Fest in Frankfurt



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