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Kia Forte (Cerato) Koup color & trim development August 11th, 2009

Park Byeong-jun By Park, Byeong-jun
Kia Design Center

The first two-door coupe from Kia Motors, Forte (Cerato) Koup is distinct from the Forte (Cerato) sedan in many aspects, from design to color. The main concept behind color development was to come up with a “powerful, eye-catching color.” The idea was to maximize the young and dynamic image of the Koup.

Racing red

Attention-grabbing red could very well be the color most commonly associated with a sporty car. Solid, striking red which exudes the sensual allure of a sports car has come to life in the Koup’s “Racing Red.”

Glossy black trims grace the front bumper molding, radiator grille, fog lamp housing, door handles and side mirror. The resulting “red & black” look projects an arresting yet refined dynamism. Black, silver and titanium grey were chosen for the wheels to present a solid and sophisticated image.


The Koup also boasts a unique interior color scheme. A red leatheresque material envelops the dashboard and door trim for a stylish and sporty feel.

color pack

Red stitch detailing adorns the bucket seats, door armrest, steering wheel and floor mats. Aluminum pedals are another element that emphasizes this car’s sporty concept.

center console

Bright metallic colors were used for the center fascia and door trim for a stronger, more polished look.


An upgraded version of the lighting speaker featured in Kia Soul was applied to Koup’s door trim speakers. The speaker ring resembles chrome molding, but when you turn on the audio, the lighting will pulse in tune with the music.

As you can see, the diverse color and trim elements come together to create a distinctive identity for the Forte (Cerato) Koup that sets it apart from the Forte (Cerato) sedan.

Forte (Cerato) fans can look forward to the Forte (Cerato) hybrid which results in a marked improvement in fuel efficiency. The car will also feature different cues in Kia’s singular design characteristics. Featuring an innovative style and attractive colors, the third addition to the Cerato (Forte) family will be a symbol of “eco dynamic design.” It will soon be coming your way!

  • Dean

    Just a quick note: I have to make a correction to my last post … the SX I sat in at the dealership had the sunroof, as it came that way. There is no way a non-sunroof Koup model would make any difference in my head touching the fabric liner since I was sitting much too high. I still hope something is changed with the seating position sooner rather than later as all taller people will have problems.

  • Dean

    News out this week that the new Civic Si, in North America, will have 200 hp and 170 lb-ft …. which brings me back to my concern about performance approximately 4 months ago with the Forte Koup … I hope you NOW have plans to add the 2.4L GDI (200 hp) or a turbo (at least 200 hp) in the North American market.

    The Koup is by far the best looking coupe in its class and all Kia needs to do is match the performance of the Koup with its aesthetics. I know I’ve mentioned it before but it had to be reiterated as the competition has raised the bar.

  • CJ

    when will forte launch in the philippines?

  • Inspirone

    Hi, my Cerato Koup does not come with the interior red trim, is there a way to fit my Koup with them? If yes how can I get those parts?

  • 1246civic

    I think that you should offer full red interiors, also full dark blue interiors. Not two colored interiors. Read forums some people agree. And cars had it up until a few years ago generally, also I’m 21 so I’m who you wanna listen to for marketing.

  • Hello, 1246civic, thank you your interest and feedback in Kia Forte Koup. We will
    share your thoughts on the interior colors with a design department. Thank you
    again and don’t hesitate to comment if you have any other ideas or thoughts you
    would like to share with us. :)

  • Inspired One

    I really enjoy my Koup so far. I think it is worth considering for a car of this category to have a seat belt retainer to avoid stretching to reach out the seat belt. I know many Koup drivers like myself have bought retainers from other brands to fit our car.