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Kia tennis fever Down Under January 28th, 2014

< Sam Groth, the world’s fastest-serving tennis player, with tennis fans >

The Australian Open once again saw the emergence of more young tennis stars into the spotlight this year but there was another star that stole the show—Kia’s Game On mobile app, which was launched to ramp up fan engagement with the year’s first tennis Grand Slam tournament.

< Fans play Game On >

Developed by the mobile solutions company Mnet, Game On lets people attempt to return a serve in front of their very own TV against the world’s fastest-serving professional tennis player, Sam Groth, who has a serve called “The Bomb” that’s been clocked at 263 kph. Your phone acts like its own wireless game controller, letting you directly try out your return game against one of the best servers in tennis.

Since its launch on January 6, the app has totaled over 193,000 downloads on both iPhone and Android phones during the Australian Open alone.

As the proud major sponsor of the Australian Open, Kia is happy to take a part in making the tennis experience more enjoyable for fans all over the world.

Watch Sam Groth, the world’s fastest server, play Game On with fans and serve up tips on tennis!