‘Gear Up’ your life with Kia’s new global brand campaign July 6th, 2015

Remember your first drive? Your heart pounding, your eyes wide with excitement. It is with the same feeling that Kia is offering support to young new drivers who are just getting started with our new global brand campaign “Gear Up.” The Gear Up campaign is Kia’s second Re:Design Project, following last year’s “Father and Son’s Road Trip” campaign. The Re:Design project embodies Kia’s goal of moving beyond visual presentation and car design in the hopes of becoming more a part of our fans’ lives. For the Gear Up campaign, 13 young drivers from 11 countries gathered in Barcelona, Spain last May to gain confidence behind the wheel and in their everyday lives.


Kia Gear Up


The Gear Up Campaign is composed of three programs. The ‘Challenge Course’ lets drivers experience a racing circuit, the ‘Joy Course’ shows them the joy of driving the beautiful roads of Barcelona, and the ‘Life Talk’ offers an opportunity to learn from the best mentors of today’s era. On the first day, the 13 participants drove the ‘Challenge Course’ racing circuit, experiencing the speed and the thrill of driving. They got to wear racing suits and drive on the heavy rain course, the slalom course, and the speed racing course.


Kia Gear Up

On the next day, all participants got a chance to drive through the beautiful streets of Barcelona along the Joy Course. They visited some of Barcelona’s most famous sites. Not only were they able to drive, but they were also able to surf the waves of a beautiful beach in Barcelona or golf at one of Barcelona’s magnificent golf courses. Over the course of the day, the participants started building confidence in their driving and in themselves.


Kia Gear Up Joy Course Barcelona

On the final day, at the Life Talk, two special guests met with the participants as mentors. Manfred Stohl, an Austrian racer with more than 200 rallies under his belt, offered inspiration to the young participants. “Just as you overcame the fear of driving, life is no different. You just have to go for it,” he said. The second speaker was the CEO of SuperJam, Fraser Doherty, who had this to say, “Miracles happen if you always push forward. Keep up your courage and reach for your dreams.”


Kia Gear Up Life Talk

QuiZhuo Chao, a participant sponsored by Kia Motors China, used to be a dancer. He loved how dancing gave him confidence and energy. Unfortunately, QuiZhou was in a serious car accident in 2005 which caused him to lose confidence in driving. Determined to overcome this fear, QuiZhou participated in the Gear Up campaign and in no time he was driving the streets of Barcelona with confidence!


With the Gear Up campaign, we hope to inspire youth around the world to gain confidence in their lives. There is a splendid journey awaiting, so just go for it! Check out the prologue video and full stories below!